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Location: Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Denver CO, Frankfurt (GER), Hartfort CT, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Kingston MA , United States Languages: English, Spanish

About Alex (Alexander) Nizini

★ About Alexander Nizini: Alex Nizini offers over 10+ years of expertise as a Creative Digital and Industrial Concept Specialist. Although presently engaged full time in scientific research projects, Alex (Alexander) Nizini is usually available for short-term consulting engagements with a 3-7 day notice in these cities: Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Denver CO, Frankfurt (GER), Hartfort CT, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Kingston MA, Lafayette LA, Minneapolis MN, Newport NY, Orlando FL, Queens NY, Raleigh NC, South Hampton MA, Tallahassee FL, Union City CA, Vancouver (CAN), Winnipeg (CAN). Please also connect with Alexander Nizini on

★ Alexander Nizini: Let's Get Acquainted
This is Alexander Nizini! Two things are true if you arrived at this page: first, SEO strategy is working, and second, you slammed an extra letter ‘i’ in the middle of Alexander's last name. The proper way to spell “Nizini” is without the letter ‘i’ in the middle; but because this last name means nothing in English (darn, it would be nice to be a Clark or a Jones!), it has been butchered by bureaucrats, lenders, landlords, credit bureaus and phone companies for ages. In turn, it is often spelled with this unintended and exotic Italian twist (the best Italian version is actually “Alexander Nizzini” with two Z’s in the middle, which makes the name not just Italian but Sicilian!).

If you love this linguistic blooper, great! But you should know “Alex Nizini” is part-Bulgarian, part-Estonian, part-Romanian and part-Czech… part-whatever... but not an Italian. The good news is that you can now go back to and search for the correct last name, according to its genealogical roots – without the extra ‘I’ after the ‘Z’ – which – by the way – comes from Nlžní Lhoty – a small village in the Frýdek-Místek District of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the Czech Republic. And if you love the unique Italian touch... well, then, knock yourself out and stick with Nizini, which is still awesome because the extra searches are great for SEO/SEM (which clearly worked in your case, one way or another!).

★ Telephone Geo Reference..... 707, 404, 773, 303, 720, 860, 959, 713, 317, 463, 205, 612, 321, 407, 718, 929, 919, 984, 631, 850, 251, 256, 510, 604, 250, 778, 236, 415, 204, 431

How can I help you

You can book a virtual meeting with Alex Nizini to discuss your business needs: Alexander Nizini is happy to assist you with all your business needs and can meet you over the internet or on location.


Alex Nizini offers advanced-level knowledge, skills and experience (over 15 years) in the fields and industries listed above.

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