About Brad Nickel

Award winning marketing and technology professional with 25 years of leadership experience.

Brad Nickel has spent the last 2.5 decades helping companies create innovative software, web, and mobile application products and strategies. His combination of technology and development expertise along with advanced Internet and traditional marketing skills and management capabilities has positioned him perfectly to provide clients with a full package of skills for the creation, launch, and management of digital products and websites.

* Exceptional leadership skills in marketing and technology development
* Highly successful product planning, strategy, development, launch, and management experience
* Extensive experience managing, planning, and implementing comprehensive web, social media, and content marketing and development programs - blogging, PPC, SEO, website design and development,
* WordPress expertise
* Manages multiple web / marketing projects simultaneously through in-house and outsourced staffing
* Successfully built and ran the world's first web-based application service provider(SaaS)
* B2B lead generation in all market segments from SOHO to Fortune 500 with focus on technology marketing
* Extensive partnering experience from initiation through negotiation to launch and full implementation
* Channel(VAR/integrator) marketing strategy and management
* Accomplished public speaker
* Extensive technology development experience managing numerous software development teams

How can I help you

I help new companies get ready to raise money, build their product, target, and fundraise.


• Partner at Captiva Companies (2011-)
• Adjunct Professor at Florida International University (2011-)
• VP Of Marketing & Product Development at Landry & Kling, Inc. and Seasite.com, LLC (2008-2013)
• Partner at ClickBrain.com - Web strategy, marketing, and technology development (2002-2009)
• Vice President of Product Management & Marketing at Venali (2005-2007)
• VP Appsonline at Interliant (1999-2001)
• Director Of Marketing at Equitrac (1993-1996)
• Technician at J. M. Family Enterprises (1993-1995)


✓ Political Science, Theater at Drew University (1986-1987)
✓ Political Science at Texas Wesleyan University (1983-1985)

Brad Nickel 12 reviews
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Charles Chamberlain 08-10-2014

Brad's work was excellent. He was quick to respond when needed and effective at solving problems. His political sense was on target but also didn't get in the way when it didn't match our needs. I would recommend Brad to anyone.


Kim Isaak 08-10-2014

I reported directly to Brad Nickel at Venali, Inc. As VP of Marketing, Brad was a terrific manager who respected his team and was able to assess and sharpen the individual skill sets of each team member, myself included.

I worked with Brad for a number of years and appreciated his management style and his ability to delegate responsibility. Brad was instrumental in growing our company’s marketing initiatives and fostered a collaborative environment. He inspired me to learn more and motivated our team to effectively and efficiently solve our marketing communication challenges, particularly in technology and social media.

Brad generated enthusiasm about the marketing process and was always upbeat and positive, which spilled over to other departments in the company. He is a tremendous asset to any organization and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I worked with him. Without reservation, I highly recommend Brad for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.


Jeffrey Austin White 08-10-2014

Brad is a stickler for detail and an expert on customer user interfaces and web-based advertising techniques. I worked with Brad on a high profile marketing campaign at Seasite, LLC which required some sophisticated customer relationship management and product management skills. Brad's leadership and technical acumen in this process was instrumental in delivering a pixel perfect product resulting in improved customer relations and an enhanced web presence. Clearly his 24 years in marketing and IT was put the test on this project resulting in a highly successful solution with an "outside of the box" strategy. I learned a lot from Brad and look forward to working with him in the near future.


Charles Chamberlain 08-10-2014

Brad is a great guy who gets the job done. Smart politics and IT mix. Always came through in a pinch.


Bob Buettner 08-10-2014

"Venali 2004-2006: As the Director of Channel sales I worked closely with Brad and his marketing team to position our internal and our business partners' integrated solutions to meet our strategic sales and marketing goals. Brad's extensive marketing experience with web-based promotions, education and publishing helped the Channel division promote partner solutions that made our company unique in our industry space. Brad's expertise, exceptional marketing vision, and his team's integral participation enhanced our Channel sales with unparalleled results."


Bradley Pirman 08-10-2014

Brad's one of the most friendly and knowledgable marketing professionals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's able to understand complex web applications at all levels even down through the underlying systems and then identify possible partners and their respective synergies.


Richie Doletina, CSSBB, CCISO 08-10-2014

Brad demonstrated to me that he understood what business is all about. He thrived under adversity. Almost without exception, he put the customer first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as he was, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. I admired him for his many valuable qualities, and regarded him with evermore respect. Very goal oriented as well as a team player, Brad was always punctual, yet easygoing. He was keenly devoted to his work, but being a real people person, he was also enjoyable to be around. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad Nickel and I feel confident he would be an asset to any organization.


Cristina Ebert 08-10-2014

Brad Nickel is highly intelligent and creative. As a VP, he managed the marketing team through various time consuming projects, such as a complete redesign of the corporate website, marketing collateral, trade shows and other promotional projects. He is highly respected by his peers and his enthusiasm is contagious.


Robert Wallace 08-10-2014

Brad and I have worked together over the past 4 years in both a corporate setting as well as on a freelance basis. Brad is very knowledgeable in online marketing initiatives and importantly, dedicated to both his work and colleagues.

As part of a corporate marketing team Brad put together, we not only established a strong brand identity for a global telecommunications company but developed a successful marketing strategy for online sales. On behalf of our team, I can say that Brad not only was able motivate us as a team but also dedicated to each one of us individually.

I hope to continue working with Brad as I have come rely on his expertise in marketing and always enjoy our collaboration. Brad is a good friend.


Karen Suarez 08-10-2014

Working with Brad was an outstanding experience for me. His excellent managerial skills and vision made every day at Venali a good day. I would work again with Brad without question!


Patrick Tan 08-10-2014

I have had the pleasure of working with Brad for several years, he is a very hard working person and responsible for the Vision, Leadership & Operational aspect of Venali Inc.


Michael Sweeney 08-10-2014

Brad is a "no nonsense" professional marketing manager who really understood the product Venali was selling.

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