About Bram Kanstein

I love the internet and how it changed the world and impacted the way we live. I've been online for most of my life and I like to be an early adopter of new websites and services as they launch to see and learn about new possibilities.
I'm always busy broadening my knowledge, learning new stuff and tinkering with ideas. Some work, some don't, but that's what I find fun (it's all about execution anyway!)
Using my broad (digital) knowledge and entrepreneurial mind, I help teams and companies to create and deliver the right product to its users/customers. In this product development & strategy position, I operate at the intersection of Tech, Business and UX to assist in the creation of great products and services.
I like to speak and share my views on digital trends, product development and business/startup strategy, hit me up on Twitter via @bramk!

How can I help you

Show me your concept, business plan, product or pitch deck and I'll help you take the next step. Ask me about anything you're uncertain (or really certain!) about and we'll talk about solving that sh*t! I'm on top of digital trends, the latest products/startups, and always in the know, ask me anything :)


• Product Hunt Meetup Organiser (2014-now)
• Advisory Board Member at Fanly (2014-now)
• Business/Startup Strategy & Product Development at Dutch Standard (2013-now)
• Graduation Project at The Next Web (2013-2013)
• Online Marketing Intern at The Next Web (2012-2013)
• NIMA-B (2012)
• Co-creator at 12THINGSTODO (2012-2013)
• Sales & Content Editing at Biarritz Media BV (2012-2012)
• Strategy Intern at Muse Amsterdam (2011-2011)


✓ Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) Graduated 2013 at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (2009-2013)
✓ High School Diploma at Dorenweerd College (2000-2006)

Honors & Awards

2012 Golden Dot Award for 12thingstodo.com (Communication & Multimedia Design @ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Bram Kanstein 2 reviews
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Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten 29-07-2014

Bram is a guy with a lot of imagination and enthusiasm. He is always eager to learn something new and then apply his skills to the projects he is working on.


Emiel Janson 29-07-2014

Bram is one of the most passionate product guys from the Netherlands. I believe Bram reads all articles on every tech blog. He knows all about trends, growth, investments, succes stories and failures.

Bram is a very kind, friendly and easy going person. I'm always enjoying our conversations about products and the feedback and suggestions he's giving me on my work.

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