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Social Media Marketing Professional skilled at analyzing, initiating and developing digital marketing strategies targeted at new customer niches. Innovative, versatile and solutions-driven manager with a technical software background coupled with retail, defense, and hospitality experience.

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Areas: Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, Power Editor, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube.

-8+ years in Social Media Marketing
-Social Media Strategist for celebrities, musicians, actors, and athletes
-Social Media Manager for Fortune 500 companies

Contributor to Social Media Examiner
2014 Finalist for Top Social Media blogs: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/top-10-social-media-blog-finalists-2014/


• Helpouts Provider at Google Helpouts (2013-)
• Contributor at Social Media Examiner (2013-)
• Social Business Manager at IBM (2012-)
• Social Media Manager at Social Media Motorsports Summit - MediaMensch (2007-)
• CEO at CKK Enterprises (2006-)
• Senior Web Metrics and Social Media Analyst at General Dynamics Information Technology (2011-2012)
• Social Media Manager at Market America, Inc. (2009-2011)
• Affiliate Account Manager at Market America, Inc. (2008-2009)
• Market Research and Business Systems Analyst at Market America, Inc. (2006-2008)
• Intern at Currit Software Systems (2005-2006)
• Technical Assistant at Market America, Inc. (2002-2005)
• Executive Assistant at Market America, Inc. (2002-2005)
• Media Group Production Assistant at Post Buckley Schuh & Jernigan (2001-2004)


✓ Computer Science, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business BS at University of Central Florida (2005-2005)
✓ Culinary Arts AS at Johnson & Wales University (2001-2003)
✓ Computer Science at Furman University (1999-2001)
✓ Bishop Moore (1995-1999)

Honors & Awards

ITSO Loxodograph Award ()
ITSO Beam Award ()

Christian Karasiewicz 26 reviews
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Stefan Pinto 21-02-2015

Found Christian via a Google search seeking assistance with a Facebook profile to page conversion. He replied to my request with info on how to easily set up an appointment to solve my issue. In 24 hours, I was able to **speak** with Christian who walked me through the issue and provide guidance. I would definitely use his services again.


Caitlin Close 21-02-2015

I had the pleasure of working with Christian while at Market America. He single-handedly created a company-wide social media strategy and implemented it. He is extremely skilled at managing multiple projects at one time, and is a powerhouse of creativity.


Ashley Aldridge 21-02-2015

It was truly a pleasure working with Christian. He possesses an excellent balance of quantitative/qualitative analysis and problem solving skills. He is highly effective at communicating results, projects and solutions at all levels of an organization.


Tina Williams 21-02-2015

Christian is an MVP on the ITSO Social Business Team. He is the point person the team turns to with any question about how Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin work. He's constantly thinking of creative and new ways to improve reach and engagement. And his excitement and willingness to share his knowledge has helped many in our technical communities confidently begin their social journeys. this team, His attitude and expertise has increased the reputation of this team.


Martin Keen 21-02-2015

I've worked with Christian for the last two years in his role as Social Business Manager for the IBM mobile channel. If there's a social media tool or blogging best practice that Christian doesn't know about, I'd be surprised! He has helped myself and dozens of IBMers working on our program, sharing best practices on social engagement, blog structure, SEO, and just about anything related to building digital eminence. He's truly an expert in his field.


Dana Lanner 21-02-2015

Christian is extremely knowledeable about all aspects of social media and is especially adept at maximizing the effectiveness of social media for marketing and advertising. He is highly efficient and always willing to take the extra minute to fine tune and customize whatever tool of social media you are utilizing to achieve the desired impact and exposure. Passionate about his work and an expert is how I would describe Christian. I would recommend him to anyone.


Caroline Wall 21-02-2015

I had the pleasure of working with Christian on a number of occasions over the past few years in my role as social content editor for IBM. I saw Christian give great presentations about social media and blogging to groups of people that were just learning how to use these services, and I was always impressed by the knowledge and care Christian put into his interactions with each individual. If someone had a question, he was quick to personally walk the person through their struggles and find a solution. Overall, he always did a fantastic job of sharing his knowledge and promoting authors, technologies, and brands.

Christian is great at explaining things and taking on a teaching role, as well. I personally learned a lot about search engine optimization from a presentation and one-on-one call he did with me, which was a great boon to my role as editor. I would highly recommend Christian to anyone looking for a dedicated, intelligent social business expert.


Archele Moore 21-02-2015

Christian is extremely knowledgeable in social media. His passion is demonstrated beyond the work place, fills all of his social spaces and allows others the opportunity to learn something about the fast-growing industry every day.


Hillary Danz 21-02-2015

Christian is an enthusiastic and highly motivated worker who excels at collaborative projects. I've worked closely with Christian for the last couple of years to support social business initiatives at IBM. His knowledge of social media tools and best practices is extensive, and he willingly offers to share his expertise with others. Christian also consistently looks for ways to improve and grow. I highly recommend his work.


Elsi Pacheco 21-02-2015

I can not explain how thankful I am for Christian. I learned a great deal about Social Media from Christian and I continue to learn from him by following him on his Social Media sites which he continues to share tips with his followers. I look forward in working with Christian again in the near future and really work with him always.


Mark Conley 21-02-2015

Christian helped me to better understand how certain aspects of social media worked, such as blogs, and did so very willingly. In my opinion, Christian performed his job with dedication and focus.


Mark Myers 21-02-2015

Christian brings a lot to the table when it comes to Social Media. He is very involved and up to date on all that goes on in the social media world. He is a very smart when it comes to technology, a hard worker with a professional work ethic and would be a great asset to any company in the social media and/or technology field.


Otto Angulo 21-02-2015

Christian and I have worked in several projects all of which helped Market America grow and visibility on the internet. He is detail oriented, organized and delivers his work on time. It is great to work with him and have him as part of a team.


Howard Spector 21-02-2015

I have had the opportunity to work with Christian many times and he has always exceeded expectations. His core knowledge and true passion and excitement for his craft is what sets him apart. Christian is a team player, responds well to last minute changes and challenges and is a pleasure to work with. Anyone would be very lucky to have Christian on their team. I look forward to many more years of working together.

Howard Spector


Chris Rainey 21-02-2015

I had the pleasure of working with Christian on a number of projects. His energy and passion for social media, engaging customers and prospects and leveraging online tools was evident at all times. Christian is always on the lookout for tools and promotional tactics that help expand business and generate excitement. In addition he is always learning and expanding his knowledge base. If you have the opportunity to work with Christian take it.


Elizabeth West 21-02-2015

While at Market America I worked with Christian on several occasions. He is the most knowledgeable Social Media professional I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is Christian fully aware of the functionality of all main stream Social Media Sites, he is also proficient at crafting witty, eye-catching verbiage. If you are looking to fully leverage your company's Social Media potential, Christian will help you to achieve that.


Chris Vestal 21-02-2015

Christian consistently amazes me at everything he is able to accomplish. He is a very hard-working professional whose dedication and pursuit of excellence inspires those around him to do and learn more.

He has mastered the complex world of online marketing with special expertise in social media - particularly within the retail context. His dedication can be seen in his relentless efforts to always remain current in an industry that constantly shifts and changes. He has a well-rounded foundation in both the soft skills of sales/marketing and the hard skills of web technology. This combination is unique and has been the key to success and quick implementation on several key projects.

Beyond his vast knowledge and proven experience, personally it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Christian on many projects. He is a true team player and displays confidence in others. He is a valuable component to the success (seen and unseen) at MA.


Gregor Cunningham 21-02-2015

Christian can be counted on to field the tough questions with clarity and insight. Bringing great energy and enthusiasm, Christian's guidance, direction and cooperative efforts have been highly valued in development of several interactive social media applications. I look forward to working with Christian on future next projects!


Andrew Kaplan 21-02-2015

Christian has provided cutting edge technology advice to support my efforts producing two years of The Social Media Motorsports Summit. He is insightful, resourceful and willing to look for unique solutions.


Eddie Alberty 21-02-2015

Christian is a pleasure to work with. He is proactive and thinks "outside the box" when working towards solutions. He has incredible business skills that have enabled Market America to achieve very high goals and achievements.


Howard Spector 21-02-2015

I have had the opportunity to work with Christian since his start with Market America. His ability to quickly observe and learn and then jump right in is truly impressive. Christian's work is thorough, concise, efficiently handled and precisely executed. I look forward to working with Christian for many years to come. Market America is very fortunate to have Christian on their team!


Jenny Forman 21-02-2015

Christian Karasiewicz is THE Internet Marketing guru, bar none. As the Internet Marketing and Social Media Manager for Market America, he keeps this company on the cutting edge. His knowledge of this constantly changing medium is remarkable. Christian is the person I seek out when I want to know what’s the latest and greatest. It is a pleasure to work with such an energetic and enthusiastic individual.


Ryan Shell 21-02-2015

Christian has the unique ability to not only be creative, but to also stay on task and successfully hit deadlines. We hit some roadblocks (unexpected by all) on the last project we worked on together and Christian successfully researched the issues, solve the problems and kept the ball rolling. He's a strong asset for any team.


Loren Ridinger 21-02-2015

Christian is a tremendous asset to the company. He is an extremely bright, highly-skilled and responsible individual. Glad to have him overseeing and managing all of our social media and social networking efforts for the company.


Bryan Pollard 21-02-2015

Christian is a tireless worker that is extremely passionate about what he does. I enjoy working with him and look forward to working more with him in the future.


Darren Petrie 21-02-2015

Christian is a very sharp social media strategist who stays current with trends and technologies and learns how to apply them to business needs.

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