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Growth Hacker, Marketer. Worked at Facebook, ResumUP.com. Now Co-Founder of Edumoko.com.

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• Founder at Edtechs Community (2013-)
• Founder at Edumoko (2013-)
• Marketing, Product at ResumUP (2012-2012)
• Growth Manager at Facebook (2011-2011)
• Corporate relations manager at Technopark "Ingria" (2011-2011)
• Vice-President for External Relations at AIESEC (2010-2011)
• Founder, Organisation Comitee President of IT 2 days (www.it2days.ru) at AIESEC (2009-2010)
• University relations coordinator at AIESEC (2008-2009)


✓ Startup Wise Guys Accelerator (2013-2013)

Honors & Awards

50 k users growth in half a year of visual recruiting service.
Best event award in AIESEC Russia. 15 min closed sale for 7 000$ from the cold call.

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Pavel Belov 26-01-2014

I can describe Ilya as a person with a strong understanding of the internet and mobile markets, which was important for his job. As a corporate relations manager he was responsible for attracting new partners and sponsors. He made a good job on his position by improving our contact base with and raising funds for Web Ready competition from a new partners. Ilya has a good negotiation and event management skills.


Ekaterina Skorobogatova 26-01-2014

Iliya has been working for Facebook for 6 months in Saint-Petersburg, his job was to work with St. Pete partners on user growth initiatives for Facebook in the region, the partners included local TV stations, radios, websites and celebs.

Iliya has a good communication and partner management skills, can work under tight deadlines and deliver results, so will be a valuable member of marketing team. He is also a quick learner and can move fast in what he is doing which was important for his role.


Andrey Talalaev 26-01-2014

Ilya has a good networking skills due to efficient communication with different groups of people. He's a responsible person, always keeping in mind all the task that need to be done.


Lyubov Shilova 26-01-2014

I can describe Ilya as an enthusiastic, focused, ambitious, smart person. He is one of the most productive players in the team, his ability to stand for what he believes in, formulate and articulate organizational needs, striving for excellence and demanding it from others make Ilya effective in his work. Being his chief for almost a year, I must say that Ilya works best in a dynamic environment, he often plays role of idea generator in a team, he's persistent but can be stubborn, enjoys taking up leadership role, he likes beign center of attention. I can strongly reccomend him to any position, where such features are needed - knowledge and fast learning of trends, result orientation, leadership, strategic view.


Ilya Chernetskiy (Tchernetski) 26-01-2014

Ilya is a active young professional with a strong understanding of internet business and IT trends. His managerial skills has been proved by several well-organized conferences, some of them I've been engaged myself as a speaker and sponsor representative and that left me completely satisfied. I think that with this level of commitment and devotion to IT and internet industry Ilya will make a good career.


Artiom Aseev 26-01-2014

With Ilya Gindin we have been developing external positioning in AIESEC organization this year: arrange conferences, work with medias and building up business partnerships and sponsorships with companies.
Working together this year, I may say, Ilya proved himself as business-oriented and enterprising person, always in trend, with high skills of communications and sales. What I can add, Ilya has high performed business-etiquette principles and always cares about partners-servicing, so I can recommend him as a professional.
I wish him a good luck and new achievements!

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