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I am a Social Entrepreneur, Usability Engineer and Cognitive Psychologist. I analyse user needs and preferences for products, services and websites to optimize user-friendliness. I also give advice on user issues with computer mediated collaborative work.
Based solidly on user driven design methods, I formulate and conduct user needs assessments, usability evaluation, usability requirements analysis for: product development, usability framework design for project development, usability project management, successful virtual team formation advice, virtual teamwork trouble shooting and user-friendliness assessments of in-house social media collaboration solutions.
I am a sparring partner for global teamworkers and team managers, helping to fine-tune virtual leadership skills, based on having many years of personal experience on large European research projects and having researched long-distance collaboration and intercultural communication.

My objective is to carry forward the design of great user experiences based on User-Centered Needs Analysis, Gamification, Social Innovation and Sustainability principles.

How can I help you

Book a session with to get advice on lean online marketing strategy and analysis of your current strategy.


• Usability Analyst | Consultant, Trainer, Coach Virtual Collaboration at Global Vortex | Global Teamwork (2005-)
• Webmaster at SIETAR Spain (2008-2009)
• User Experience Scientist at Motorola Mobile Devices (2004-2005)
• Usability Engineer at University of Nottingham (1995-2003)
• Usability Evaluation at University of Amsterdam (1993-1995)


✓ Gamification Level 3 at Gamification Co - The Engagement Alliance (2013-2014)
✓ Gamification Level 2 at Gamification Co - The Engagement Alliance (2013-2013)
✓ Gamification Level 1 at Gamification Co - The Engagement Alliance (2013-2013)
✓ Agile Scrum Foundation Training at Improvement b.v (2013-2013)
✓ Design and Evaluation Collaborative Virtual Environments PhD. at University of Nottingham
✓ Psychology Bachelor at University of Amsterdam

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Helen O'Sullivan 14-12-2014

Jolanda was one of the trainers on an intensive course in intercultural training I attended. I found her to be very personable, dedicated and expert in her field. She was very committed to helping participants on the course achieve their potential with the projects they had set out to do and demonstrated great mentoring skills.


Marianne Wimmers 14-12-2014

Jolanda and I worked together in a global virtual team. Time and again I was amazed by the enormous amount of work she can deliver in a very short time. It was always of high quality and she was always open to listen to other points of view, moreover our discussions often concluded her proposals made the best sense. I learned to know Jolanda as a bright and warm person of high integrity. It was a joy to work with her and I’m glad we met.


Anonymous 14-12-2014

Jolanda's spirit for driving a project and accounting for all of the details makes it a pleasure to work with her. She keeps the globally dispersed team moving forward to their end goal while contributing her technical and cross cultural expertise.


Peter Hayward 14-12-2014

Jolanda Tromp's experience and insight with the field of long-distance telecommunication research & development proved to be invaluable when I was developing a global survey involving telecommunication technologies, training and coaching. Jolanda helped us hone our survey to insure it was culturally appropriate and worded so the right information was secured. She was also instrumental in confirming our interpretation of the findings. The success of our the project was do to Jolanda’s ability to guide us through the process of instituting a long distance collaboration project that demonstrated cultural sensitivity with our target population and establish a rapport of trust. Regardless of what else Jolanda has going on she always responds immediately, making you feel like her most important the client.


Rita Booker-Solymosi 14-12-2014

Jolanda is one of the most inspiring and encouraging people to work with. She is not only an absolute PRO at virtual collaboration and communication, but also a truly compassionate and flexible program and marketing designer. A true pleasure to know her !!!


George Simons 14-12-2014

It is my pleasure to recommend Jolanda, whom I have known now for about half a dozen years. We have worked together on a number of projects and programs and continue to connect regularly to explore new possibilities. Jolanda is both creative and supportive, an excellent teammate who is particularly well versed in the connections between technology, culture and collaboration, increasingly essential requirements in both today's workplace and society.


Damian Schofield 14-12-2014

Jolanda is a highly motivator trainer with a wide range of knowledge in diverse technology orientated fields.

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