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Influential leader, collaborative executive, and tech entrepreneur. Offers extensive experience driving product innovation, business discipline, and operational excellence within growth companies and start-ups. Passionate about establishing the culture and strategies that enhance performance, propel growth, and ensure organizations’ success.

Guide organizations through periods of change and growth – Led QualitySmith’s exit and post-acquisition transition to Reply!, achieving 100% client and 95% employee retention while growing revenues during the transformative period.

Motivate teams and drive cultures of excellence – Awarded “Portland’s Best Boss” for 2011 by Willamette Week, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, for instilling a culture of quality, customer focus, and employee engagement.

Lead profitable expansion and diversification – Ideated and managed the launch of RemodelRepairReplace.com, an alternate brand that outperformed legacy site by 2 to 1 in terms of volume of leads generated and profit margins.

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• Founder, President at CurvedLine (2015-)
• COO at SwellPath (2014-2015)
• EVP Reply!, GM MerchantCircle at Reply.com (2013-2014)
• Vice President of Marketing at Reply.com (2012-2013)
• President at QualitySmith, Inc (2011-2012)
• Vice President Marketing at QualitySmith, Inc (2010-2011)
• SEM Associate at QualitySmith, Inc (2009-2010)
• Digital Marketing / SEM Consultant at ProWebMarketing (2007-2009)
• Owner at Andromeda Park Partners LLC (2008-2009)
• Virtual SEM for Companies at Freelance Internet Marketer (2007-2009)
• Industry Analyst / Consultant at Pierre Audoin Consultants (2005-2007)
• Co-President at Webtrinsic LLC (2004-2005)
• IT Strategy Consultant / Web Marketer / Web Designer at 1st Nations Mortgage Corp. (2002-2005)


✓ Computer Science BA at Washington and Lee University (1998-2002)
✓ Yorktown High School (1994-1998)

Honors & Awards

Portland's Best Boss (Willamette Weekly)

Michael Wienick 8 reviews
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Keith Nerdin 29-04-2015

This isn't the first time I've recommended Mike. I was assisting our founder, Rob Schmidt, screen applicants for a new Director of Marketing at QualitySmith several years ago and had the opportunity to speak with some of Mike's previous employers. I had never heard such genuine, gushing praise before when making these kinds of calls. I enthusiastically recommended we hire him then, and even more enthusiastically recommend him now!

Mike possesses a truly unique and highly valuable skill set. His leadership of the marketing team was amazing. It was almost as though he launched his own startup within the the QualitySmith framework. Mike just gets it. He gets business. He gets people--customers and colleagues. He gets what effective leadership is all about. He gets the big picture. And he really gets internet marketing!

Mike took a risk by giving me a shot to lead our B2B department at such a critical time for QualitySmith. He was exceedingly transparent, collaborative, and supportive throughout the transformation and unprecedented growth we achieved while working together. I would gladly work with Mike again and would full-heartedly recommend him to anyone.


Bryan Brosseau 29-04-2015

I highly recommend Mike as a candidate for employment. I was fortunate and honored to work with Mike for 4+ years while at Reply! and QualitySmith Inc. Mike not only served as my manager but more importantly as a mentor and coach. Mike took me in early in my career and taught me everything I know today. I dedicate all of my accomplishments in online marketing to Mike.

Mike has a proven track record of being successful at any level within an organization. From manager to president and everything in between, Mike has excelled in every role he’s been challenged with and it’s been an honor to see his growth. Mike is one of the most dedicated employees I’ve crossed paths with and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He’s an exceptional leader and team player. Mike puts others first and always has the best interest of the team.

Mike’s knowledge and expertise cannot be taught. He always is thinking one step ahead and is very creative in his approach. Mike is quick on his feet and always striving to improve.

Mike has always been a huge part of any companies’ success and is a very valuable asset to whomever he works for. Any company would be exceptionally fortunate to have Mike as part of their team.


Lamont Bennett 29-04-2015

I had the pleasure of working with Mike as he served as the General Manager and EVP of MerchantCircle. I sit at ease as I call Mike one of the best coaches and mentors I have ever had the pleasure of working under.

As I worked with Mike on the day to day operation of the business his knowledge and expertise allowed me to not only grow but to help expand the business into a position that without him I know would not have been possible.

Mike's ability to think of new creative ways of growing the business never ceased to amaze me and I am forever grateful to him for showing me ways to "Think outside of the box".

Any organization that has the opportunity to work with Mike will quickly realize that he is a great asset and ultimately a person that will bring fierce and significant growth and success to their overall business purpose.

I hope that one day I will have the pleasure of working with Mike again in the future, as I am sure that I have only experienced a drop in the bucket of what he has to offer.


Dennis Harrison 29-04-2015

I would recommend Mike to any CEO/investor/executive looking for a guy with strong values and high integrity who you can trust deliver results. I have worked with Mike over the last 5 years both as partner (when he was President at QualitySmith) and as a colleague (after Reply! acquired QualitySmith). Mike and I worked side by side to integrate two businesses with different people, technologies, clients, cultures, and strategies. I was most impressed with the loyalty and mutual respect that existed between Mike and his team. He has a natural ability to lead. Mike empowers his team to deliver results by knocking down the barriers that get in the way of their success. He makes sure objectives are clear and maintains an intense focus on success metrics while fostering a culture of fun and continuous learning. Mike is not a top down leader. He engages his team on the issues, he is one of the smartest guys in the room, calm, cool and collected, highly organized and pays attention to the detail without micromanaging. Any company is fortunate to have Mike on the team.


Mark Weiss 29-04-2015

Mike is genuine and easy to work with while being results driven and very efficient.

During my time working with Mike on a partnership, I always looked forward to speaking with him since I knew it would be productive but, also a fun conversation. Mike represents the business executive that builds true partnerships and makes it enjoyable!


Ben Budge 29-04-2015

Michael was an excellent boss, he was flexible and fair, but he was able to still get the best from his employees. Working for Michael was an absolute pleasure, and although he had high expectations of everyone, they were never unrealistic. Michael was also very "hands-on" and worked along side every single one of his employees: there was no task too small or large for him to tackle head-on. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a strong leader or competent employee.


Jon Emminizer 29-04-2015

I reported to Mike directly at Reply.com, and I consider working for him to be one of the best things that has happened in my career thus far. Very few bosses are able to drive a team to deliver huge results while also maintaining a healthy work environment filled with positivity. Mike is the rare boss that everyone loves to work for, because of his ability to foster mutual respect while also drawing the excellence out of each employee. He is the true definition of a leader – someone who leads by example, listens well, is strong & assertive while also maintaining an open mind towards his team, and sets high expectations for everyone to draw the best out of them, while also maintaining healthy doses of realism. Additionally, Mike has a deep understanding of internet marketing and business strategy, and I along with the rest of the team learned a tremendous amount from him on both items. Any organization looking for a great leader who is a brilliant business strategist would be lucky to have Mike.


Richard Evans 29-04-2015

Mike is a problem solver through and through. If an issue arises that needs his attention, you can be sure that things will be taken care of. During times of change within the company, it was his steady leadership that allowed us to adjust and embrace the changes and excel. It was always nice to know that Mike was in charge, making decisions for the betterment of the company. Mike is a fantastic executive for Reply and I would recommend him for any similar role that he sets his sights on.

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