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▼About Sander Nizni... In some of my jobs, I wear many hats… in others - just one. I love them all, and I believe this: Good people make a good living, while smart people design their lives: likewise, top strategists, in any field, don't simply sweat over pixel-perfect buttons and links and SEO rankings - they also focus on creating phenomenal product experiences. I'm lucky as that's what I do, and I inspire others to do the same.

▼Sander Nizni's secret?…
Someone stands behind mobile apps or brand awareness programs or SaaS real estate platforms; someone crafts or markets healthcare UI's or online education apps; someone else works with VOIP call centers or with aerospace cockpits... I have aced all these products - not because I'm the 'field expert' but because I study humans, business and technology: a team player, modest and never lazy, I focus on results and pursue synergies between product design and business strategy.

▼Sander Nizni has an ego?…
My alter ego has a name - HyperAbsolute. Both of my egos are small, but I'm an idealist, which makes me above - or 'hyper' - absolute. I only work with people and products I love. Is it honesty? I call it logic: I believe in products I design, ship and market - from Amazon MP3 downloader to eBay TurboLister, to pilot dashboards, to WebMD Symptom Checker. People shine when they have faith in what they do. I believe that's why my products succeed.

▼ Sander off duty…
I go sailing (mainly J34, Laser + 470), produce dance music (mainly techno, dubstep, electro + hard dance), go mountain-hiking, travel, and study economics, physics + medicine.

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Try these: Innovation, Project management, User-centered design, Usability, Sander Nizni, BPM (Business Process Management), User Experience Design, HCI/UI/GUI, UX architecture, Product management, Intelligence, IxD (interaction design)… Perpetuum mobile :)

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• Head of Client/User Experience, Neuroscience | Big Data | UX/CX/Product Strategy | Sr. Manager (2014-present)
• Head of Product Definition (Sr) • Web/Apps, User Experience, Strategy, Deployments at Air France-KLM (USA) - San Francisco | Los Angeles (2011-2014)
• Co-founder/Head of B2B PaaS Program for Realtor.com • User Experience, Strategy | Real Estate at National Association of Realtors (2007-2011)
• Head of Mobile Deployment • (contract) Product Strategy, User Experience, Marketing | Education at University of Phoenix (2007-2009)
• Product User Experience Manager • (contract) Strategy, Innovation, IxD/UI/UX | Online Retail at Amazon (2004-2007)
• Application Integration Lead (ROLLOUT) • Innovation, UX, QA, Marketing, BPM | Retail, SaaS, B2B+B2C at eBay Inc (2001-2004)
• Product Experience Associate (EARLY STAGE START-UP) • Product Definition | Healthcare, B2B+B2C at WebMD / Healtheon / Emdeon (startup) (1996-2001)


✓ Business Process Management in the Digital Domain (Columbia-Harvard Executive Certificate) at Columbia University in the City of New York (2008-2009)
✓ Marketing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at University of Houston (1991-1995)

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Anonymous 15-03-2015

It was an honor to work with Alexander. I confess that when we started the project, he seemed apprehensive about working with me - because I worked at the university for a long time and had my own ways of doing things. But then Alexander asked me and my wife to go sailing with him. Not a big deal, right? But when we were out at sea, he broke the silence and asked me what I knew about agile project management... and I had to confess that I didn't believe in it. Sure enough, an hour (or maybe two) later, I was a fan - of both agile project management and of Alexander Nizni personally.

I did not report directly to Alexander nor did I manage him, but many of the people from the department I managed did. And they all spoke well of him and never complained. He seems like the last person in the world to be a good politician... but it's deceiving: since he is a good strategist, his organizational politics are always in check with reality - and always oriented toward excellence in productivity. He just never shows it, which organically turns him into a strong leader and a nice project manager. He is definitely easy to get along with, which helps people open up and to perform at their best level.

Perhaps more importantly, Alexander is one of the best people in UX design and marketing folks that I have had the pleasure of knowing in my career. He understands how to define user roles properly, understands the value of testing across platforms and devices, and his skill set is balanced well between the different UX disciplines. He respects people who know things he doesn't and he never micromanages anyone. Plus his learning and analytic abilities are fabulous. His approach varies from task to task and he is never lazy to go back, regroup, ask others for advice (what a listener!!) and start over. That in mind, it is fantastic that he is always on time with his projects.

Our mobile app job was quite complex: it was a bit underfunded, had a tight timeline, and involved many commuters. Mr. Nizni himself was working on another big SaaS job in Illinois (?) at the time... which must have been quite a challenge. Still, he managed and the project was a huge success, directly leading to growth in attendance and revenues despite the horrible economy at the time. Alexander was also responsible for a couple of amazing promotional projects that blew our management away and also made us a lot of money.

Honestly, I tried to hire Mr. Nizni after I left the university and founded my own marketing organization, but he is just too expensive for me. Maybe some day. In the meantime, I applaud to Mr. Nizni's success. Have a question about Alexander? Ask away - I am just an inMail away from you.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Alexander and I were colleagues and worked on the same floor in the same building for about three years. In that time he proved to be an impeccable project manager, an outstanding marketing and branding strategist, a strong UX designer and usability specialist and a sharp business developer.

I reported to Alexander directly on many of our mutual projects, and on all of our projects we reported to the same corporate stakeholders. Our mutual tasks included the following jobs, among others (these are the biggest):
1. Application Integration Group Quality Assurance (ongoing agile process)
2. PayPal Integration (research, technical communication, development)
3. TurboLister (full-scope project, from R&D to information architecture, to UX design to development, with several re-releases)
4. Selling Manager (UX design, information architecture, development)
5. Seller's Assistant (UX design, information architecture, development)
6. eBay Toolbar (UX design, information architecture, development)
7. Third-party vendor API's (usability engineering, testing, quality assurance)

Alexander is an exceptional, unmatched technical communicator with keen attention to detail and with a sincere love for testing (and he is good at managing people who do the testing!). This is a tremendous time saver in all settings.

Also, he is always about the company's bottom line. He doesn't push his ideas forward because they look good - he always evaluates their effects on revenues by using extensive research, analysis and thought experiments. This typically makes him one of the most efficient UX analysts I have met.

Alexander is also a great leader. He gives people their space but is very strict about deadlines and objective in defining project lead times (time to market).

Finally, Alexander is infinitely diverse. He learns quickly; he is not shy to speak about his weaknesses; and he always looks at every task from many angles and loves to ask people for opinions and is a good listener. I'd say that he is simply an intelligent marketing specialist and a business developer - the kind that I thoroughly enjoy working with in my professional career,

For specific questions, please feel free to contact me any time.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

When Alexander asked me to recommend him, I had to write two recommendations - not because it takes a long time to verbalize how good of a colleague and a professional Alexander is, but because Alexander and I worked together in two different companies and I wanted to make a point that his talents were applied entirely differently at these two jobs.

To start off with some background info, when my contract at eBay was over and I ended up "across the street" at Amazon a few weeks later, I was working to assemble a new team... and Alexander came to my mind among the first qualified candidates. Sure enough, my management liked the idea, and Alexander responded to my invitation for a visit; and a couple of weeks later we interviewed him for the job as a Lead UX / Interaction Analyst. Everyone in our group was impressed, and another few weeks later Alexander and I were working together again.

This in and of itself makes a positive statement about this excellent colleague of mine. But I want to be straightforward and will state what I think Alexander's ten greatest strengths are, as applicable to my direct work experience with him, which obviously spans across many busy years (listed in no specific order):
1. Marketing strategy
2. User experience design
3. Stakeholder management
4. Information architecture
5. Quality assurance
6. Business intelligence
7. Industrial design
8. Audio engineering
9. Cross-platform project management
10. Innovation.

The list above could go on for quite some time. Alexander is a diverse and creative marketing specialist whose UX career spans well beyond classic usability. Alexander's projects get done on time, and they make money. As a hiring manager and as a leader, this is what anyone should want. Enough said.

Please contact me any time with further questions about Alexander's career or about his specific work duties. I travel extensively but will respond as quickly as I possibly can.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

I don't write recommendations often - in fact this is my first one on LinkedIn. But Mr. Nizni deserves my acknowledgement. He was extraordinarily good at his duties and responsibilities when we worked together in the Dublin office. His team consistently outperformed others, and they rarely had to go back and make changes to projects they had completed earlier - because Alexander is an exceptional planner.

Mr. Nizni and I worked together in the Application Integration Group, where he had a number of technical responsibilities that included research and discovery, information architecture, interaction design, usability engineering, testing and other design and marketing functions. All his projects shined and were delivered on time, and many of his cross-department memos were read by other teams as a bible - because he provided useful insight into product functions that he wasn't responsible for directly but discovered while researching or testing or reading customer feedback.

Speaking of feedback, Alexander actually initiated a program where several call center CSR's were assigned to call out to our high volume clients and ask them questions to complete user satisfaction questionnaires. This alone probably saved about 1.5 thousand man-hours in fruitless effort by the Application Integration Group developers who otherwise would have been in the dark about the problems and challenges that were most pressing for our users. This is the perfect example to demonstrate the difference between UX designers and UX designers who are results-oriented. Obviously. Mr. Nizni is in the latter category.

Mr. Nizni has another amazing quality: he - on one hand - is never afraid to get his hands dirty and to work side by side with everyone else, including the people he manages, and - on the other hand - he is a good team member and always makes his team mates feel important... not because he is a good talker but because he is good at identifying each person's strengths and weaknesses and he treats people accordingly (and he helps personally when someone struggles with a task).

Perhaps even more valuably, Mr. Nizni's marketing skillset is quite diverse, and so I have observed him in action as he adapted his working style and approach to be in harmony with his colleagues. This is hugely important because it shows his respect for others and his flexibility as a dependable worker, but it also demonstrates that he really is a broad-minded professional who is never fixated on completing the job in any specific manner. This is called being results-oriented. And this is why I respect Mr. Nizni tremendously - as a UX designer, as a business developer and as an excellent project manager and leader.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Alexander is my colleague at Air France-KLM, and I appreciate this opportunity to work with him side by side. To my knowledge, we recruited him because of his 'checkered' background, which enabled him to perform wonderfully in our "many-headed" matrix-type organization. His start-up experience was also a huge plus (e.g., WebMD and Ebay ) because it demonstrated his ability to multi-task and to collaborate cross-functionally.

Alexander works all his projects to perfection (not a workaholic but definitely an overachiever), and he is not afraid of complex projects and knows how to simplify and redefine broad objectives (such as extensive lists of wants and wishes and demands from our numerous stakeholders) to help his team have a clear vision of the project's goal - an absolutely invaluable team member.

We are also proud of Alexander because of his Pro Bono work for the MD Anderson Cancer Center and for Shell's Winder Energy Program.

I have worked in several teams with Alexander since 2012. All our mutual projects involved extensive research, planning, budgeting (in many cases), product development, usability engineering, user experience design, heavy testing, and (also in many cases) legal research and cross-channel negotiation and collaboration.

*The best example of creativity and technical expertise*
Thanks to Alexander, we converted a mundane API project (designed to reduce our data maintenance costs by consolidating and optimizing our global database of maps in a single manageable internal SaaS platform) into a highly marketable interactive product that presently (as of 2014) makes us over $11 million per year. This would not have been possible without Alexander, who identified the market niche, conducted research, produced wireframes, and wrote user stories to enable our developers to ship the product from concept to launch in under 3 months. He also has successfully managed this product and its interaction design iterations for over a year (thus far).

Alexander has also worked on our mobile apps and on a couple of painfully complex hardware projects, including in-cabin ergonomics and dashboard illumination design, both of which involved a lot of usability research and data analytics. Each time Alexander touches a product or project, we know that the job is in good hands.

Mr. Nizni is valuable to us both as an individual contributor as a leader. He likes and is good at working through every stage in the product development lifecycle, and he knows product features will make money and product features that won't.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

When Alexander walked into my office and said he wanted to be in charge of the biggest B2B SaaS project in my professional career, I thought that either he was kidding or that he was on the wrong floor. I underestimated him, and I was wrong to do that! Four years later, I know this: nothing this young man promised was an overstatement. Alexander successfully co-managed this complex agile project from start to finish without a single stutter. Here are some of the reasons we chose his team's proposal to develop our transaction management and lead generation platform:
1. Deep understanding of the real estate industry
2. Strong knowledge of product management, marketing and UX design.
3. Broad experience in business analysis and quality assurance practices.
4. Exceptional communication and stakeholder management skills.
5. A diverse track record of shipping money-making products.
6. Recommendations (like this one!) from the 'raving fans' at Alexander's prior jobs.
7. Understanding of the difference between "pixel perfection" and products that look great and address the organization's business needs.
8. Ability to analyze complex data and to conduct extensive research to arrive at smart business/technical solutions.

Here are some of the reasons Alexander in fact turned out to be the best man for the job:
1. Everything in the list above turned out to be 100% true.
2. Alexander was a quick learner and a well-versed communicator.
3. Alexander was extraordinarily punctual and dependable.
4. Alexander knew when to lead and when to follow (a huge asset in the real estate industry, which is mainly run by people whose egos are bigger than their SUV's).

Some of Alexander's greatest strengths include the following (in the order of direct pertinence to his specific role):
- Deep understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle, PLM and product management processes and principles
- UX design, including UI/visual design, interaction design (IxD), research, information architecture, user research and usability analysis
- Project management (agile and waterfall), stakeholder management and cross-functional team leadership
- Marketing strategy, including product roadmaps, MRD/PRD management, and all aspects of product, pricing, promotion and placement (the 4P's of marketing)
- VOIP telephony

I could probably go on and say a few more good things about this excellent past colleague, but instead of using another few thousand keystrokes to reiterate the obvious, I invite you to shoot me a quick message and ask me what it is you need to know about Alexander... and I will respond as quickly as I can to accommodate your needs.

Chuck (MC) Millani, PhD


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Alexander is not a typical digital specialist. He lives by no rules except respect for his colleagues and respect for the product and for the organization's best interest. Very simple. Very effective.

If you want to micro-manage someone (and there is nothing wrong with that), don't hire this man. But if you want someone with a brain to lead complex projects for you and make them profitable, Alexander is your guy: he offers a healthy blend of skills in business analysis, marketing, data intelligence, product management and user experience design, including all sub-disciplines from IxD and visual design to information architecture.

I was fortunate to run into him through an introduction by a colleague... and I was fortunate enough - again - because Alexander fell in love with the project we hired him to manage. As a result, the job was done on time and shined the university's way to its highest enrollment of all time in under a year... which was directly attributed to the **functions** and the **architecture** of the digital product (mobile app) that Alexander led from concept to launch.

Interestingly, this was a classic waterfall project by design, but Alexander was patient enough to introduce everyone in the team to the agile approach, which was a lifesaver, considering the project's limited timeline, and - very importantly - considering the fact that we were "in the hole" by nearly 160 thousand when we recruited him (so his team effectively also saved us 160K that we wasted on an outsourced team in the preceding 6 months).

Further, this job was managed very well because many of the people working on the application were scattered across the continent: they were all from the United States, but they only met face to face only once every 1-2 weeks for a few hours (Alexander too was working in Chicago on another big transaction management platform for the real estate industry at the time, by the way). In short, Alexander and his team performed like atomic clocks and made our organization's stakeholders proud and happy.

For the cherry on top, Alexander single-handedly produced a marketing campaign for us (which he did as a side project over two or three weekends) that made our money invested in Google ads perform about 19 percent better. Many people don't know this, but Apollo Education Group (which owns U.P.) spends millions every year on online ads (perhaps only Amazon spends more), and so - financially speaking - the effects of Alexander's creative marketing campaign were nothing short of phenomenal. Ask him to talk about this when you discuss your next project with him, and he will tell you more.

I am glad to witness Alexander's many successes and I would gladly hire him again for any other job - with my eyes shut. Have a question? Ask me and I will answer.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Honored to write a recommendation for this excellent past colleague! We worked together side by site for about 5 years. Of them we spent about 4 years working on the same projects and in the same teams. In most of these, Alexander reported to me directly.

All our mutual tasks involved UX design, usability engineering and information architecture projects but many also included strategy, SEO, interaction design, graphics, research and analysis.

Alexander's career website (hyperabsolute.com) sums up his work at the company quite nicely. As a UX designer and global marketing specialist, Alexander is unmatched in punctuality, attention to detail and commitment... this is apart from his superb technical skills.

Let's face it: no one knows "everything." But some people roll up their sleeves and learn new things when they need to, and others just seek out the path of least resistance. I can guarantee - Alexander is not in the latter group. He is a go-getter that not only loves challenges but is also very good at tackling them.

Alexander is also highly sociable; he is perhaps the most culturally tolerant person known to me, which is a huge plus in large-scale dynamic workplaces, where different cultures and values and work styles tend to collide.

He is also a fantastic team leader who had direct, tangible contributions to growing our the company from a modest start-up to a global enterprise. I was apprehensive when I hired him... because he was so young, but his previous employer gave him stellar recommendations - and they were accurate. Bulls eye! Alexander was personally responsible for several ideas (and implementations) that had seven-figure contributions to the company's bottom line. These included the Symptom Checker, the Content Segmentation Protocol he designed, and the ad rotation algorithms he established to increase third-party ad revenues.

Don't hesitate to call or inMail me with any specific questions about Alexander. But I will tell you the same thing again and again: Alexander is on top of his game.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Thank you for this opportunity to say a few words about my past colleague. I am only a couple of years older than Alexander. When he flew to Seoul to be interviewed in 1995/1996, I was unsure about an American college senior who was to do a good job for a Korean company. But this young man became not only a solid asset for Hyundai's first Information Technology department, he also became the leader of the Technology Implementation Task Force and offered indispensable input in multiple stages of globalizing Hyundai's infrastructure.

I read the Hyundai section on Alexander's career site, and it demonstrates Alexander's roles in the company well. His direct input included:
1. Branding program management (Hyundai still uses one of the logos he personally designed!),
2. Primary and secondary marketing research,
3. IT infrastructure usability research,
4. Industrial design and manufacturing engineering module deployment,
5. Information architecture of the Graphics Hardware Optimization project,
6. Other challenging but in the end successful projects requiring heavy analysis, creativity, testing and dedication to quality.

I vouched to the IT Implementation task force to give Alexander an offer of permanent employment, and he received that offer, but he told us that his home was United States an that he would prefer to not relocate to Korea. Still, my team members - including myself - consulted with Alexander extensively for several months after he left Seoul, and he was glad to answer many of our questions and to help us with continuing many of the projects he had initiated while working in the team.

Many years later, I am pleased to see Alexander's career progress. He is a gentleman, and artist, and an engineer. And he certainly is a top-notch marketing professional. Anyone hiring should interview people of this magnitude. If I can help with further information, please don't hesitate to inMail me personally any time.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

This is my second recommendation here to endorse Mr. Nizni's skills, as before this job we worked together at eBay. The details of his transition can be found in my previous recommendation.

Alexander became an invaluable member at Amazon - not only for his UX design and marketing and project management skills, but also because he was exceptionally well versed in the entertainment industry - specifically in audio engineering and in digital rights management; this was in part due to one of his personal hobbies - electronic music production (Alexander is shy to talk about this, but he is actually a published producer with several popular EDM tracks).

Alexander's contribution to the company's success during his tenure at Amazon cannot be understated. I did not directly manage him - we worked in the same department and reported to many of the same managers.

He demonstrated keen ability to manage demanding stakeholders while every project he lead was a money maker and exceeded expectations. His career site - which I believe is HyperAbsolute.com - accurately visually depicts his direct project input, which included (among others) these:
1... User Session Extension project (which became a huge success but actually had little to do with the MP3 platform)
2... Extensive legal research and usability trend research;
3... Redesign of the Product Returns Page;
4... Visual design of the MP3 downloader application;
5... Search Result Departmentalization project;
6... Visual design of the Landing Page for the just-acquired AmieStreet.com;
7... Audio File Conversion project;
8... Cross-Department Quality Assurance effort.

Alexander's strengths include Marketing strategy, Stakeholder management, Usability analysis, User experience design, Agile project management, User-centered design, Responsive design, Information architecture, Quality assurance, Business intelligence, Industrial design, Audio engineering, Cross-platform project management and Innovation.

Again, please consider reviewing my first recommendation pertaining to our work together at eBay, as it contains additional details about Alexander's achievements and skills. And please contact me any time with questions.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Alexander and I worked together for over three years in Dublin's branch of the software application group (Ebay). I was not his boss; we both were members of multiple teams, including research and discovery team, PayPal integration team, TurboLister and Selling Manager App team, quality assurance team plus a few others. In some of our projects he managed me, and in others I managed him. In effect, I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing specialist on a variety of complex projects and in many capacities.

Alexander is a well-rounded and super-focused professional with a contagious level of commitment and performance standards. To my knowledge, his strengths include expert-level proficiency in these areas:
- business analysis
- user experience design
- marketing
- product management
- project management
- business strategy

When everyone in our six-member team (that Alexander led) read the back-end PayPal Auction Manager Manual that Alexander wrote for the newly integrated PayPal module (this was immediately after the acquisition), our team voted to give him a nickname - Mr. Hyperabsolute. This is because Alexander always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. This applies in all projects where he takes part - no exceptions.

I learned a great deal from this man, including many things I use at my current job. Four things that - for me personally - stand out above all others are these:
1. Stakeholder management techniques (Alexander is a great politician)
2. Value of qualitative research (he can make sense of the most obscure data patterns)
3. Technical communication skills (he is precise and detailed)
4. Economic analysis skills (every product must -first- make money and only -second- look and feel good. Alexander evangelizes his products and they all look fantastic. But he knows that product's good looks and ease of use alone don't pay the bills: this man questions everything and ideates even in his sleep to come up with smashing solutions to complex problems.

Want a word with me about Alexander? Get in contact any time.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Mr. Nizni successfully established himself as the second best project manager in my career - the first one being my mom.

As a marketing guru and a UX designer with a well-paced analytical mindset, Mr. Nizni is an extraordinary strategist. In my team - which he managed very well for about three years while we worked on a large SaaS project - no one ever complained, no one ever overworked, and no one was upset. We were a well-oiled machine - in huge part because Mr. Nizni is a wonderful project manager.

He has a great ability to see past the clutter and to identify the most important aspects of every project - from branding to information architecture to graphics and everything in-between.

When we were building the front-end user registration system, we needed to rely on real-time links to over a thousand agent/broker data API's throughout North America but needed to gracefully fall back on our internal batch-updated data source. Whichever way we tried to do it, things looked ugly: it just took too much time. And time is of the essence: when we are talking about a call or a user session with an average length of under 2 minutes, then 20 seconds on hold or in waiting while staring at the screen means a disaster. Well, then Alexander came along with about 200 pages of research papers and got two Realtor consultants on Skype to discuss this subject for 30 minutes... and ta-da... problem solved.

The same thing happened about a dozen times in three years during other project stages. In turn, it is no surprise that we built a wonderful, highly usable system that later evolved into the industry standard.

I am proud to have worked in Mr. Nizni's team. He is an honest and dependable man, a serious marketing professional, a thoughtful UX designer, and a wise leader. If I can say anything more about this good man, just ask - I am easy to reach.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation of Alexander Nizni, whom I hired - with no seconds thoughts - immediately upon his graduation from school. Through the years, we stayed in touch - because he became a friend and because he is a fantastic marketing specialist.

His contributions to Hyundai included a well-designed branding program (including the design of a logo that Hyundai is still using today!), an IT education project (for which Hyundai founder and CEO himself gave him a special achievement award), hardware testing project, and various usability analysis project and sub-projects. All his work for Hyundai was done in our Seoul office, and he proved to be an international specialist at heart - no one in my team had any trouble communicating with Alexander, although he spoke virtually no Korean language. This is because he was an outstanding excellent communicator.

Anyone who is in search of a marketing and usability specialist would be honored to consider Mr. Nizni for the job. He is a well-rounded usability specialist whose industrial design and usability analysis skills are a great asset in any industry.

Please call or inMail me with any questions any time to discuss Mr. Nizni's abilities or background.


Anonymous 15-03-2015

Thanks for this opportunity to say a few good words for my past colleague. Mr. Nizni was a wonderful team mate and an exceptional lead for the team he managed, where I was a member for over 2 years. As a marketing professional, Mr. Nizni is surprisingly good at design; and as a designer, he is surprisingly strong in technical areas, such as data architecture, research and usability analysis. So, I think of him as a broad-minded specialist with no limits, and I know everyone in the teams he managed felt the same way.

Mr. Nizni knows how to help people perform at their best. He never pushes anyone around (although he knows how to) but people gravitate toward performing 'above par' because in his team you are always an asset - and never just a number.

He was very young when he was assigned to manage me and a few others in our group during the SEO research stage (this was at the 'dawn' of the dot-com revolution). But he proved to be an exceptional leader and a surprisingly intuitive one for a young fellow. I am sure over the years he only became better. I learned a good deal from Mr. Nizni and am glad our career paths have crossed (which hopefully will again happen at some point!).

Did you know Alexander was responsible for the company's web content segmentation strategy that resulted in dramatic revenues from third-party advertisers? We are talking about paginating content across multiple pages to rotate advertising messages. This seems like a given today, but at the time this was a pioneering strategy - strategy that WebMD deployed because Alexander designed the concept and the data architecture around it. I was quite impressed, and so was the rest of our team; but best of all, we all got bonuses for this project - because Alexander attributed the program's success to the team... although he really was The Rainmaker in this project.

I would appreciate a chance to work side by side with this professional again in a heartbeat. Have a specific question about Mr. Nizni's projects? Connect to me any time!



Anonymous 15-03-2015

Happy to put in a few good words for my past colleague. A few years have passed since we worked together, but I confess you don't forget a usability specialist of this magnitude quickly.

Let me start by saying that Alexander is not a graphics artist. He is very good at graphics - just ask him to show you the logos he made for Hyundai! - but for him every graphic element is a **pathway** to usability or to profitability (usually both). As a result, his ideas always go beyond the "let's do this cuz it looks nice" approach (sooo common among many UX designers). I believe Alexander owes this excellent quality to his formal marketing education, but also - he simply has the right mindset, or predisposition if you will: he understands that behind every click and every page there is a dollar sign for the employer or for the client. In turn, all his projects in my experience were "doomed" to be not only usable but also profitable.

We hired Alexander to work primarily on Amazon's up-and-coming MP3 platform, which obviously succeeded. His recommendations from the previous colleagues were stellar, and his skillset was an excellent match for our project requirements for several reasons:
1. He demonstrated strong experience in information architecture;
2. He was passionate about music (I learned that he was an advanced violin player and produced dance music on weekends, which was a huge plus);
3. He showed us that he was committed to quality and was a good researcher in his previous projects;
4. He was honest about his abilities and about his passions during his interviews (Alexander really believes that to get a job done right you have to be passionate about it - and I love this quality).

After working next to Alexander for some time during the first year and seeing his successes, I realized that he could be considered for some of the UX design roles for the main platform, and I recommended him accordingly. As a result, another few months later, his name was behind perhaps the biggest money-making change in our online marketing mechanism - namely, extending the user session length by a factor of 10-plus... which resulted in direct, tangible change in revenue for every department and in every country where we had customers or were trying to win more customers. I have seen the portfolio on Alexander's career site and it does a good job of telling you the story behind this cool project.

So, this was a tiny glimpse into Alexander's analytical abilities as a marketing pro. I admire this man and appreciate the opportunity to speak highly of him. Please don't hesitate to ask me any specific questions about Alexander's UX design/marketing projects, and I will do my best to respond right away.

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