About Sarah Santacroce

I'll teach you how to increase your online presence so you can quit chasing clients & get found instead. LinkedIn is the best tool for that!

My clients are start-ups, small businesses & solopreneurs (coaches, authors, speakers etc.) who need help improving their online presence so they can capitalize their growth without having to chase clients but by being found online. The beauty of 24sessions is that I can work with you, wherever you are, Europe or worldwide !

I help small business owners and entepreneurs to find their place in today’s online world. I will teach you how to increase your online visibility so you can quit chasing clients and get found (it's called inbound marketing); how to tap into the power of social media to increase your leads; and how to understand and master the intricacies of Internet marketing. My favorite Social Media platform is LinkedIn & I give workshops & webinars regularly.

Would you like to learn how to optimize your profile and then implement LinkedIn in your overall marketing strategy, increasing brand awareness and augment leads in general? I can help! We can either review your profile right here via 24sessions or I can coach you how to use LinkedIn to get you more leads for your business.

I love my work, but what I love just as much is the flexibility it comes with: being there when my boys come home from school is priceless


➡ LinkedIn Marketing
➡ Social Media Marketing
➡ Digital Marketing
➡ Inbound Marketing
➡ E-mail Marketing
➡ Internet startups
➡ Startup Marketing
➡ Website Maintenance
➡ Online presence for Coaches
➡ Helping Coaches Get More Clients
➡ Marketing Coach for Small Businesses

How can I help you

Would you like to learn how to optimize your profile and then implement LinkedIn in your overall marketing strategy, increasing brand awareness and augment leads in general? I can help!


✦ LinkedIn Profile Review to increase your leads by 200%
✦ LinkedIn Networking Ninja tricks
✦ Pro-active Social Selling strategies on LinkedIn
✦ Online Business questions in general

Small Business Marketing Mentor with focus on Social Media, Online Presence strategies.


Certified Social Media Specialist (VA Classroom Certified)
✦ Social Media Strategy & Action Planning
✦ Social Network Profile Set-up, Optimization and Management
✦ Twitter Marketing
✦ LinkedIn Marketing
✦ Online Video Marketing
✦ Online Reputation Management
✦ Social Media Content Marketing

Certified Internet Marketing Specialist (VA Classroom Certified)
✦ Internet Marketing / Online Market Research
✦ Web Analytics
✦ Affiliate Marketing
✦ Search Engine Marketing
✦ Blogging / Social Media
✦ Email Marketing

Virtual Event Specialist (VA Classroom Certified)
✦ Build a Winning Virtual Event Strategy
✦ Preparation Strategies
✦ Tele-seminars
✦ Webinars
✦ Google Hangouts
✦ Moderating and Contingency Planning
✦ Social Media Integration & Campaigns
✦ Repurposing Content for Added Value
✦ Repurposing Content for Added Value

Honors & Awards

I work from home and besides my business also raise two boys !

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Anonymous 15-09-2016

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Thank you Sarah for your help. Appreciate your advice. Looking fwd to talking to you again.


Malin Hankin 30-01-2014

I really enjoyed Sarah's lecture about Social Media at Piku's program Business Performance i Malmö, Sweden. She managed not only to clarify the scope of the different channels and how to use them, but also to make Social Media less alien and scary and more fun and down to earth. Sarah is obviously very knowledgeble in this field and I would definitely recommend her as a consultant or lecturer.


Annika Sörensen 30-01-2014

Sarah is a very inspiring speaker about social media. She managed to sort out the important parts and give me an exellent overview of what I needed to do to get further with social media in my company.


Wendy Williams PhD 30-01-2014

Sarah showed me how to use Facebook as a marketing tool and helped with a Facebook strategy. It was more than social media training - it was like business strategy. Sarah works with no nonsense Swiss efficiency and Californian 'yes we can' enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to work with her and I will definitely use her services again.


Louise Le Gat 30-01-2014

I have worked with Sarah for over 18 months and she has been a real life saver.

She has helped me in the start up phase of my business and has been invaluable. She has set up my website as well as Social Media presence and just generally took care of some of the marketing aspects of my business.

I have greatly appreciated her reliability, care, knowledge, willingness, patience and humour. She has made an otherwise stressful time 'almost' a joy. I can recommend her to anybody who is looking for support in Online Marketing as a coach or trainer.


Amy Carroll 30-01-2014

Sarah is a dedicated professional who is conscientious, thorough and pro-active. I would highly recommend her for all social media management. She is a pleasure to work with and her understanding of this type of marketing is impressive. Sarah optimised my LinkedIn profile, for which I have received extremely positive feedback and she also created and optimised my YouTube channel, specifically aiming it at my target audience.


Yianna Stephanidou 30-01-2014

I am very pleased to have chosen Sarah to help me optimize my LinkedIn profile. She has an in-depth knowledge of all the options and I was amazed to learn about LinkedIn’s potential for my business. 3 weeks into the process I already see results: connection requests, people asking me questions about my business, increased brand awareness. I recommend Sarah’s LinkedIn Optimization package to everyone who would like to start using LinkedIn as part of their overall small business marketing strategy


Anna Persson 30-01-2014

Sarah is an excellent Business Internet & Social Media Marketing Specialist. Since I hired Sarah for my Social Media Strategy and for managing my social media tools, my working life has become much easier and my business is showing good results. She delivers high quality work in very short time. Comes up with creative ideas and walk you through the process to make sure she passes on her knowledge. Sarah is a very pleasant person to work with, has a high level of integrity and I can highly recommend her to any small business looking to start, develop or improve their Social Media Marketing.


Steffen Raetzer 30-01-2014

I have worked with Sarah now for several months in her role as Virtual Assistant. She covers a wide range of topics from general admin to internet research, but her main activites are around our internet presence and marketing.

Sarah is a very reliable, independant and knowledgable addition to the team and also fun and pleasant to work with. I have enjoyed our time, am very happy with the results and look forward to working with her in the future.


Lisa Piguet 30-01-2014

Sarah was truly a “master” of her job. She was the type of person who anyone in the office could count on. She literally “rolled up her sleeves” and did what was necessary to make things happen even if it was not directly related to her specific job. Sarah was incredibly reliable, never missing deadlines or calling in sick. As a manager I knew I could always count on her to provide me with the most accurate information in the fastest possible time frame in an environment that was always incredibly fast paced and sometimes quite stressful.


Hadi Barkat 30-01-2014

Sarah provided us with on-demand translation services (EN->DE, FR->DE).
She worked quickly, provided good quality translations, raised interesting questions and showed initiative.
I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a similar service.


Anonymous 30-01-2014

Sarah supported me in a very efficient way for any German translation. She works fast and her wording is accurate, appropriate and to the point. We worked on several projects and she always fullfilled my very high expectations. I strongly recommend Sarah for her translation's skills.


Kelly Hungerford 30-01-2014

Sarah and Simplicity Admin Solutions was my first experience with using a Virtual Assistant service. I was creating a website for a client (www.peace-foods.ch) which required the creation of new text and editing of existing text, so we used the translation service from Simplicity Admin Solutions.

We had a 9 hour time difference and a short implementation time frame working against us. Sarah's professionalism and organization of the project was impeccable; deadlines were kept, cost estimates were in line and the final product was perfect.

I highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking to ease their operational strains, or project work. I look forward to working with her company on new projects in the future.


Alberto Bermejo 30-01-2014

Sarah is an excellent professional. I would stress her efficiency, diligence and responsibility. She has outstanding organizational skills coupled with an always positive and helpful attitude.


Regula Mauron 30-01-2014

I have been job sharing with Sarah, which was a fantastic experience for me! Sarah is very professional, efficient, helpful and reliable. She is definitively one of the best colleagues I have ever worked with.


Gabriel Bianchi 30-01-2014

Sarah was very helpful and resourceful at the MBA office at IMD where I was pursuing the MBA. She gave top-notch advices and practical recommendations on the different issues we MBA students had to face during that demanding year.


Christelle Correia 30-01-2014

Sarah is a highly effective person. She is able to manage several tasks at the same time and is well-tempered. She is a great team player, always ready to help to the best of her abilities. She masters several languages and is approachable. She has great capacity and I am sure she can only give satisfaction to her boss. I strongly recommend her.


Chris Eaborn 30-01-2014

Sarah was fantastic to deal with in her role at IMD, in terms of technical expetise and desire to provide the highest levels of service to the Programme, but her general interpersonal skills and effective communication. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah.


Anonymous 30-01-2014

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah for a little under three years. During her time in the IMD MBA Office Sarah was a true professional, delivering nothing but the best to IMD's participants, staff and faculty. Sarah is an asset to any team and is always looking for new approaches to performing tasks more efficiently both for herself and her colleagues. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and I hope to have the opportunity again.


Daniel Juillerat 30-01-2014

Sarah est une formatrice hors pair et très efficace dans son domaine. Elle est en plus douée de qualités pédagogiques indéniables qui en font sa force dans la formation. Vous associez à cela gentillesse, professionnalisme et vous avez les clés de ce que chacun recherche dans les services d'une formation.


Svend Haugaard 30-01-2014

Sarah is a very knowledgeable and caring expert in social marketing and networking, with a great drive for sharing her expertise. I don¨t hesitate to recommend her.


Kay Lathrop |Catalyst 4 Change|Entrepreneur 30-01-2014

I love that Sarah is in Switzerland and I am here in San Diego, CA USA and yet in one hour together on a Google Hangout there was a direct and significant transfer of knowledge and ideas about LinkedIn to me and my new project. Sarah's Hour of Power is correctly named! And she goes above and beyond. From the up front preparation questionnaire to the thoroughly loaded hour of dancing around LinkedIn and the sharing of ideas and strategies to the recording she sends you of the session at the end. She is warm, friendly and so easy to relate to...she is a master of technology. She is a lot wrapped up in one being! Thank you Sarah!


Stephen Butterworth 30-01-2014

Sarah has a deep LinkedIn experience, she presents stuff on video with clarity and is assured in what she advises her clients to do. I would recommend her services - they are good value into the bargain.


Andrew Marshall 30-01-2014

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sarah by a mutual friend of ours who spoke very highly of the service Sarah provides. I was not disappointed, on the contrary, my experience with Sarah exceeded expectations as she was very thorough, focussed on delivery, highly efficient and made a 'real' difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone needing such a consummate professional to deliver real tangible value.


Terence Pritchard 30-01-2014

I hired Sarah to review my LinkedIn profile. She was patient while I got it ready, and prompt and efficient in doing the review, which I received the same day in the form of a personalised video. She went into depth, was very perceptive and made many very practical suggestions. She obviously draws on a wealth of experience, and knows how to connect professionally with people in a very sociable way. Her whole online presence reflects her professional attitude to her work - I wholeheartedly recommend her services.


Gary Smith 30-01-2014

Sarah is amazing to work with. I met her through LinkedIn and, after exchanging a few emails, I engaged her to do a review of my LinkedIn profile and to help me configure it to better communicate what I do to my connections and potential clients.

I was impressed with Sarah's knowledge of social media marketing, combined with her ability to quickly and efficiently navigate LinkedIn to produce the desired results. Her style is one of a teacher. She walked me through the steps and recorded each of our sessions so that I will always have something I can refer back to. Then she had me make the changes so that I learned to become self-sufficient in the process.

I recommend Sarah very highly. She is warm, friendly, easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable and creative. You, too, will be pleased with the value that she brings to the table.



Melitta Campbell 30-01-2014

I signed up to Sarah's Power Hour to get some ideas on how to make better use of my website and start building a contact database.

I wasn't sure that we'd be able to discuss all the questions I had, but Sarah managed to give me concise and useful information on everything so we packed a lot into our time together.

We even got to discuss some business model options, so beyond my immediate list of actions, I also have some longer-term ideas to look into that could result in new income streams.

As a bonus, our session was recorded, so I can refer back to our discussions at any time, and Sarah also sent me some additional material to help me achieve some of my ideas.

Overall, I found the hour to be great value for money and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some fast ideas to help them accelerate their business by exploiting the right online opportunities.


Sarah Frei 30-01-2014

I followed Sarah's webinar on Linked In and was very impressed. She was methodical, explained things in very down-to-earth, non-techy terms and gave lots of useful tips on how to get the most out of Linked In. She encouraged questions, gave clear, useful answers and was available for further digital media consulting work if needed.


Emoke Zimmermann 30-01-2014

Sarah great knowledge in networking in general and enhancing LinkedIn profiles as one of her specialties helped me boost my presence on LinkedIn to new levels, resulting in more than doubling of the number of appearances in searches within a couple of weeks. Great work, many thanks.


Lynda-Ross Vega 30-01-2014

Wow! Sarah delivers amazing results. The Linked In Video Profile Review she prepared for me was literally packed with information and practical tips. If you are serious about your business then you deserve the best and that is exactly what Sara delivers. Thank You, Sarah - you rock!


Deni Carruth 30-01-2014

Love Sarah! She's quick, simplifies things, gives great detail without overload, and truly knows her stuff. I would HIGHLY recommend Sarah for any Social Media marketing, and would seek her help again myself!


Mark Calpin 30-01-2014

Sarah has proven to be of tremendous assistance with the work she has done in creating and leading the LinkedIn Challenge. She curated a great group of wide ranging professionals who are interested in improving their online presence and also in assisting others to better themselves. On other occasions that I have used Sarah, she has also been extremely personable and helpful and I look forward to engaging with her again in the future. Mark Calpin


Denise O'Berry 30-01-2014

I've been a member of LinkedIn since 2003, but never took the time to learn how to leverage my growing network and connections to help them and me move our businesses forward. Sarah happened along at just the right time.

You know what they say, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." And that's what happened. My knowledge and ability to use LinkedIn as a business tool has increased exponentially with Sarah's help. She shared her knowledge and passion about LinkedIn and convinced me that LinkedIn isn't just the "boring" place I thought it was!


Brandon Schaefer 30-01-2014

I highly recommend Sarah for her LinkedIn and social media mentoring. I recently completed Sarah's LInkedIn Challenge and learned a ton of information. I'm already a LinkedIn power user, so the information Sarah shared had to be really good for me not to know it, but she outperformed and provided great new information.


Bonnie Williams 30-01-2014

In a world full of so-called mentors and experts, its so refreshing to come across someone who really comes though. Sarah is absolutely the real thing!

She's in tune with her audience's needs, responds consistently and attentively and proactively provide valuable information, insights and tools.

She proved that again with her involvement during the LinkedIn Challenge for small business owners she initiated this month. 30 days of doable, actionable tips with immediate results.

I continue to get so much from her knowledge, resources and of course her wonderful accessible style.

She personalizes the world of social media and actually makes it fun. A real confidence boost!

Bravo! And thank you, Sarah


Alison Wegner MIASC 30-01-2014

I hired Sarah to help me make the most of my business online, so that I could reach out and offer my services to more people, no matter where they lived. Sarah is an absolute expert in her field, is so personable to work with and puts in 100% dedication. She is a must for any Small Business owner wanting to make the most of the Social Media world !


Anonymous 30-01-2014

I recently had a one-hour, jam-packed with value, Power Hour Skype call with Sarah Santacroce. I came with three topics I hoped, but wasn’t sure, we could cover in that time. We did all three and more – and all in more detail than I had anticipated. I learned what I needed to know to send out an e-course in AWeber, how I might start using GooglePlus, and how to enhance my use of LinkedIn – all with step-by-step explanations and demonstrations, via screen-sharing. I now have several pages of notes of explanation and action steps to follow, and audio and video recordings of our ‘power hour’ to review when I get into action. Thanks, Sarah, for your expertise, your gently patient and clear explanations, and for the pleasure of working with you.


Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC 30-01-2014

Sarah Santacroce demonstrates her expertise in everything that she does.

As an entrepreneur who uses social media to grow my coaching practice, I hired Sarah to assist me with increasing the quality of my online presence, especially on Linked In. She offers detailed, valuable and relevant information that assist the client in gaining tangible and worthwhile results.

Sarah's webinars are excellent, her newsletters are informative and well-written, and her personalized services are of the highest quality.

Sarah Santacroce is personable, compassionate, professional, talented, and a person of great integrity. I offer her my highest recommendation.


Tanja Christiane Weiher 30-01-2014

Working with Sarah was a great experience. Sarah's know-how on linked-in is outstanding. Her approach is both, very personal and customized as well as efficient and pragmatic. I am truly pleased with the result and am looking forward to working with Sarah again! Tanja


Hélène de Villiers 30-01-2014

Sarah is superbly well-versed on internet presence and know-how. Her online voice is pleasant and understandable, and she shares her knowledge in a clear, comprehensive, and extremely practical way. All her interventions are video-supported, with specific, tailored and to the point information - a very productive and useful consulting experience. Thank you Sarah! I highly recommend Sarah to small business owners with limited time to maximise their presence on the web.


Florence Dambricourt 30-01-2014

I worked with Sarah to review information on how to leverage from LinkedIN for communication. Everything Sarah explained made perfect sense; her on-line workshop was well run with good insights; the video she produced was helpful and Sarah was very flexible to adapt to my schedule during our follow up. She is very dynamic and committed to share good information.


Kimberly Altman 30-01-2014

I have attended a couple of webinars that Sarah has led (very informative!) and I also recently hired Sarah to review my LinkedIn profile. Sarah was very thorough in her review, giving me many useful suggestions, and I found her video review to be a great way to learn how to improve my profile. Sarah has a very welcoming way about her and I truly enjoy every opportunity I get to learn from her. Sarah definitely knows her social media stuff and I highly recommend her!!


Rodeth Morse 30-01-2014

Sarah is impressive! I recently purchased her LinkedIn profile package and I achieved immediate results through her guidance. The customized video of her review was an effective way to address my specific needs. In a short amount of time she packed in valuable information to give me feedback and what I needed to change and add to my profile, in a clear, easy to follow steps. The one-on-one was an added value in which she did another review and gave me an opportunity to ask her any questions. Sara is professional, credible, and pleasant to work with. Thank you, Sarah!


Marion Nash 30-01-2014

Sarah has provided social media advice and materials to me over a period of months, all of which has been of high quality and valuable to my business, to inform my thinking and actions. She has clearly considered what will make a difference and is extremely articulate and engaging. I do not hesitate in recommending Sarah.


Carol Passemard 30-01-2014

Sarah is someone who has taken the time to understand my business and patiently supported me in improving my profile. She is efficient has an attention to detail that means she spots the obvious that I sometimes don't see! She is an expert in her field and has great knowledge of her subject.
Thanks a million Carol


Anonymous 30-01-2014

Sarah provided me with a fresh eye to review my online LinkedIn presence followed by valuable advice and guidance to make effective changes - all delivered in a constructive, non-judgmental, patient and helpful way.


Susan James 30-01-2014

"I am very impressed with Sarah's review of my LinkedIn profile. I think that her points are well thought out, professional and valuable to me. Her use of internet technology in explaining the changes that she recommends I make to my profile is very impressive! Thank you, Sarah!"


Jennifer Whitcomb, MCC 30-01-2014

Sarah demonstrated her expertise in providing an in depth review of my LinkedIn profile by making great suggestions to improve my visibility and market reach.


Linda J. Wilk 30-01-2014

I recently purchased Sarah's LinkedIn Profile review packaged and am really happy I did, as I needed help in specifically marketing myself in a particular way and Sarah was very helpful in answering my questions.. Sarah doesn't just stop at the profile, she really customizes her review to your business. Her main goal is to help you get more leads via LinkedIn. The follow-up call was very helpful as well. I would highly recommend you get your profile reviewed too !


Judith Geiger, PCC, BCC 30-01-2014

Sarah was a joy to work with. I will hire her again when I need more input on my social media. In a matter of minutes she was able to tell me what would drive more traffic my Linkedin page. Thank you Sarah!


Karen Waters, MBA 30-01-2014

I've just experienced Sarah's 'Linked-In Profile Review' and I highly recommend it. Sarah knows her stuff and the one-on-one coaching was very helpful - great value.


Joseph O'Connor 30-01-2014

Sarah is an excellent coach who will help you gently and with determination, to increase you business and improve your marketing. her coaching is transparent and really help you get to the issues you want. In an age of Hype and overstatement in marketing, Sarah understates and over delivers, giving much more than many others. She has in depth knowledge of LinkedIn that was very helpful. I thoroughly recommend her coaching.


Laura Krikhaar 30-01-2014

Trying to make sense of the changes in social media and to use them to develop your business it is essential to have a guide providing information you can trust, and Sarah is a great guide. I always take time to read her newsletter. It is packed with interesting social media information that I can easily implement as I develop my business. I’d also recommend her workshops on E-Mail Marketing which gave me the confidence and the knowledge to establish this on my own website.


Jane Parslow 30-01-2014

Thank you so much for the review. I’m very impressed at how quickly you turned it around and how detailed and insightful your comments were. It all makes sense, and you've given me lots to do!


Barbie Hall - Gummin 30-01-2014

I've been very impressed with Sarah's LinkedIn Profile Review. The video allowed me to update my profile, following her step-by-step instructions. Sarah geared her tips to my business and didn't just give me general information, which made her review even more valuable to me.

In the follow-up call via Skype Sarah was very helpful & provided answers to my most basic questions. It was also helpful that she was able to share her screen with me and show my directly on her profile.

Sarah really knows her stuff & I highly recommend the LinkedIn Profile Review to any business owner who wants to generate more leads from LinkedIn.


Rebecca Livermore 30-01-2014

Sarah Santacroce did an excellent job on my LinkedIn profile review. The review was very personalized. Rather than being just general LinkedIn advice, it was geared toward me and my own business goals.

The video was comprehensive enough that I knew exactly what I needed to do, but short enough that I didn’t have to block out a huge amount of time just to watch the review. With the review being in video form, I was able to watch it multiple times, at my convenience. I was also able to pause the video and then do what she recommended before starting the video again. This made it really easy to implement the changes to my LinkedIn profile because I simply did it one step at a time. The follow up phone call was also very helpful.

I would highly recommend Sarah as the go-to person for everything related to LinkedIn.


Lisa Face 30-01-2014

I needed support with using LinkedIn more effectively to market my coaching business and Sarah proved to be the ideal specialist to help me succeed! Via her informative webinar and her personal review of my LinkedIn profile, I've been able to make informed decisions on how to optimize my profile resulting in increased targeted traffic to my site, an interest in my coaching programs and a new client on the horizon! It was a delight working with Sarah:her friendly, easy manner combined with her knowledge and easy way of communicating really promoted my confidence and improved my marketing skills. Thanks Sarah!


Bill Hughes 30-01-2014

Sarah's programs are effective, reasonable and relevant to anyone hoping to optimize their presence on social networking platforms. I have used her recommendations and suggestions with immediate success. If you are not following Sarah then you are missing a wealth of social networking expertise and most certainly opportunity. Thank you Vanessa Shaw and the "Small and Profitable" LinkedIn Group for the introduction.


Anonymous 30-01-2014

Sarah's LinkedIn review is great value. The 12 min video review was fully personalized to my profile and contained many useful tips on how to optimize my profile for my business and get more leads from LinkedIn. Later there was a follow-up Skype call in which I could ask my remaining questions. I have already recommended Sarah and will keep recommending her to anyone who has a profile on LinkedIn but doesn't know how to make full use of it.


Anonymous 30-01-2014

I've recently purchased Sarah's LinkedIn Profile Video Review package and was very pleased with the outcome. Within 3 days I received a link to my video review, which was customized to my profile and contained many useful tips on how to optimize my profile and get more leads from LinkedIn. The follow-up Skype call 2 weeks later was also very helpful to answer any of my remaining questions. I would recommend this service to anyone who is not sure how LinkedIn can be part of their overall marketing strategy and get them more leads for their business.
Dorothy Larios
Executive Coach- Supervisor


Anonymous 30-01-2014

Sarah is one of the world’s top experts in LinkedIn business development strategy, and someone I’ve learned a great deal from in building my own LinkedIn coaching practice and supporting clients in the financial services and investments arena. Having attended her webinar program, “How To Get More Leads for Your Business With LinkedIn," I can vouch for the fact she presents valuable, instantly usable content that can help you fine-tune your profile for greater success. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to know how to fully leverage the potential of LinkedIn as an employee, a consultant, an entrepreneur or a jobseeker.

Erica Levy Klein
Thought Leadership Writing and Content Strategy


Natalia DaCosta 30-01-2014

I attended a webinar for coaches "how to get more clients" through LinkedIn, I found it to be very useful, easy to follow and with some easy to obtain objectives. I enjoyed her easy going, jargon free style.


Anonymous 30-01-2014

In June 2012 in my role of VP Events with OWIT - Lake Geneva I invited Sarah to present a workshop on a very important social media tool today – Linked-in - to our association’s members and small business owners in Lausanne area. In a comprehensive 2.5 hour workshop Sarah managed to share the essence of the social network’s tools for developing a stronger business identity in a way that was easily understood by all participants.

Sarah’s strong skills as a social media trainer and ability to engage her audience brought a positive learning experience to OWIT members. I would recommend Sarah as a trainer to any organization looking to bring its knowledge of online social media tools up-to-date.


Niamh Kromodimedjo 30-01-2014

I hired Sarah to help me sort out the Opt-in form on my website for my newsletter subscription. It was quite urgent, because the current opt-in didn't work and I wanted people to be able to sign up. Sarah took care of my request immediately and implemented the new form and according web pages within a very short time.
She even surprised me with a pop-up form which I love.
I'm delighted to have gotten this sorted, thank you for your speed and effectiveness in helping me, Sarah.


Tanya Mitchell 30-01-2014

Attending one of Sarah's workshops on maximising LinkedIn for small business, I found her approach open and thorough with a good dose of patience for those in the audience who were not as familiar with the business tool. Sarah's LinkedIn profile leads by example - with a great video greeting - and should be used as a best practice for any SMB networking to organically generate awareness.


Stefanos Demertzis 30-01-2014

I approached Sarah to help me with the management of my LinkedIn profile. She asked me about the reasons, expectations and goals of my LinkedIn presence. I appreciated her deep knowledge of all options available and the way she coached me through the process. After her optimization of my profile I felt motivated to use LinkedIn for building up my professional network. I highly recommend Sarah's LinkedIn Optimization package to everyone who feels there is something good in LinkedIn but has not the knwoledge or time to dedicate for setting up the fundament, a good profile.

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