This one belongs to the category ‘Epic News’. Together with Spotta, a dutch flyer delivery service, we’re nominated for the prestigious Recruitment Tech Awards and we need your help to win it!

About the case

Spotta hires around 15.000 new deliverers per year. Most of them are minors looking for a fun job to earn something extra. Spotta was facing a challenge: how do we reach this ‘mobile generation’ with the important information that ensures delivery quality.

To achieve this, Spotta was doing 15.000 face-to-face meetings with new deliverers. They appreciated the effort and it was something where Spotta distinguished itself from competitors. The only problem was that face-to-face meetings cost a lot of time (and money). That’s why Spotta started to look for a more efficient way to have these meetings, without losing the personal approach. They choose to work with 24sessions and use video recruitment to replace face-to-face meetings!

Time to vote

We need your help to win the Recruitment Tech Award together with Spotta. Go to the voting page and vote for our case. Endless thanks by this adorable cat to everyone that votes 🙂