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The perfect way to recruit the new generation

Spotta is recruiting thousands of teenagers every year to deliver leaflets to their local community. Up till now, these job interviews were performed at home. This was inconvenient for both the kids and their parents, and required a lot of travelling for Spotta recruiters. Thanks to 24sessions, these job interviews can also be done online.

1.5 hours of costly travel time saved for every job interview

70% of meetings is outside office hours

Lightning-fast recruitment process that suits the new generation

Recruitment of the future

Together with the great people of Spotta, we developed the recruitment process of the future.

It is great fun to work with an innovative company like 24sessions. They help us recruit faster, better and more cost-efficient.

Wilfried Poorthuis
Regional Manager at Spotta
How we helped Not just technology. We make it happen.
  • We trained the recruiters
  • We helped with customer journey
  • We helped setting up hardware & infra
  • We did a jumpstart day
  • Our CSM manager played a proactive role
  • Video chat, screensharing, recordings & reviews
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