4 ways to measure & learn from your video-calls with customers

October 8, 2018 in Product

Companies are constantly looking for ways to boost their competitiveness via superior customer experiences. But how to make sure you actually deliver those excellent experiences? Peter Drucker’s quote: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” still counts today, right!?

Peter Drucker

To better manage the customer experience you deliver through your video calls, 24sessions equips you with meeting analytics. You can instantly measure customer experiences and learn how to make every customer interaction better than your last one.

Here are 4 easy ways to use your meeting analytics:

1. Stop guessing, start collecting reviews

Measure your customer experience when it is still top of mind, and automatically collect reviews right after the meeting. On average, we hit response rates of 80% which gives a fairly good representation. Through these reviews, you can start to track important metrics like NPS as well.

Review questions

Our favorite review questions are: How would you rate this session? How easy was it for you to have this call? How likely is it that you recommend this video call to a friend?

2. Timing is everything: find your customer’s favorite time-slots

By keeping track of previous meeting moments, you can learn how your service fits customers needs best. And tailor your availabilities accordingly.

For instance, the chart below is from our clients that provide personal banking advice to consumers via video calls. This overview shows that their customers really value this service especially in their spare time; in the evening, during lunch breaks or during morning weekends. This confirms the end of ‘9-to-5s’ for these kind of services.

3. Identify the optimal length

Time is the scarcest resource of people today. So, why take more time from your customers than necessary? Based on our client’s experiences, video calling sessions take 20-40% less time compared to face-to-face. By letting customers stay in the comfort zone of their own homes, and combining audio with screen & document-sharing, our clients say they can get to the point much faster.

By tracking the length of each video call, Spotta learned their calls needed to last only 50% of the time that was reserved for face-to-face meetings while keeping satisfaction scores high. Next to this huge efficiency gain it helps to better manage customer’s expectations upfront. Underpromise overdeliver, right 😉

4. See what sticks

Stop the guesswork and analyze which arguments are most compelling to deliver the best experience. In order to quickly find your way through a big pile of reviews, a simple trick is to make a wordcloud to extract the most used words.

Another way to learn from previous sessions, is by using recordings for training purposes. By replaying conversations, you can then learn what worked well and improve them accordingly.

Our data team also analyzed 1000s of reviews to find out what motivates customers to engage via video. The most important words they use to describe this are ‘easy’, ‘flexible’ and ‘personal’. The fact that it ‘saves travel time’, or ‘the hassle to arrange a babysitter lastminute’ is what makes them a real promoter of this new channel. More insights about this analysis are coming soon!

Learning from your previous customer meetings is not a luxury, we think it’s a necessity. That is why the Review and Reporting features come by default for all Plans.

If you already use 24sessions and want to know more check out FAQ on Reviews.

Coming soon: Instant video-calls from Intercom text chat to deliver excellent customer service experience

September 7, 2018 in Product

We’re really excited about this upcoming integration. Start a 24sessions video call with your leads or customers directly from Intercom Messenger. This new integration offers the ultimate customer service experience by allowing you to swap between a text chat and a video call just with one click.

Intercom video chat

The rise of text chat in customer engagement

The more you make your customers feel like they are heard, the more likely it is that they will become not only purchasers but also advocates of your brand. Live text chat functionalities on your website or social media channels offer a great opportunity. In fact, 51% of consumers say that businesses need to be available 24/7 so it seems like they would prefer using a text chat while they’re making their way towards a purchase. Considering that the norm these days is to jump from emails and Instagram comments to text messaging in a matter of seconds, businesses should opt for this kind of “lifestyle” as well.

Intercom is set to rule customer messaging platforms

Intercom realized the importance of text chat early enough to become a legendary customer service tool, which now generates over $50 Million in revenue and has more than 17,000 paying customers. This phenomenal growth is faster to that of Shopify, HubSpot or Atlassian and nothing seems to be slowing down the widespread use of their service by SaaS companies all around the world.

The adoption of live text chat has been revolutionary in terms of customer service. It is immediate, always available and most importantly a lot more personal than the other traditional customer service channels like emails or inquiry forms. In essence, Intercom brought into the spotlight a method to actively engage with customers online in such a way that was not possible before.

Why combine video calling?

Even though Intercom has gone far with customer engagement, it has still been short on one particular feature which is so important to any form of communication: face-to-face interaction. That’s where 24sessions comes into play by integrating our video chat in Intercom Messenger which makes it just a click away from customers to video call you instantly.

Intercom text chat

According to a recent research from Gartner, the trend for consumers to use video calling is increasing, with 1 in 3 already stating that they have interacted with a brand via video-chat before and almost 40% reported to accept a video call if a brand was to provide this option. Furthermore, Millennials will be the key growth area for the mass-scale adoption of video calling so you’d better jump on this boat now.

Millennials and video calling

(Source: How Consumer Demand is Shaping the Future of Video Calling for Enterprizes, Sinch, 2018)

This is how a combination of live text chat and video call works best

1. More in-depth conversations

If you are chatting to a hot lead or high-value customers, you can easily have more in-depth conversations by inviting them for a 24sessions video call without any installations.

2. Engaging and visualized discussions

Have more engaging and visualized discussions via screen and document sharing to develop a closer customer relationship.

3. Convert more leads with instant video calls

Whether it’s a demo or a discovery call, chatting to your leads over video will help you quickly understand if they’re a good fit for your business.

4. Onboard and activate new users

Invite new users for a video call, share your screen and educate them on how to use your product or service to its fullest potential.

5. Tackle issues and bugs quickly

Resolve urgent issues or problems faster by hopping on a video call with your customer.

6. Share the calendar of your expert colleague

If your lead has questions that require specific expertise, you can invite them to pick a date and time for a video meeting with your expert colleague. This helps you save time and convert more leads into prospects.

The 24sessions & Intercom integration is coming in a matter of weeks!

Record, Replay & Repeat

September 7, 2018 in Product

HD recordings are now available in 24sessions so that anyone can enjoy high quality video recordings of online sales demos, guest lectures, customer support inquiries, online trainings, business meetings, health consultations, and much more.

Webcam HD recordings

It’s a wrap! Engage customers after the meeting with wrap-ups

In today’s consumer-driven landscape, it’s more important than ever to actively engage your customers. And it doesn’t end when a video call is over. Sharing recorded conversations with your customers can remind them of the discussed details which makes them more engaged in return. Call centers in particular can benefit from HD recordings as they can improve customer satisfaction at scale.

Use recordings for training purposes

Businesses can record conversations for training purposes or to gain insights into their customer demographics and behavior. By replaying conversations they can then learn what works best and improve them accordingly. Especially for sales and support teams, that spend loads of time video calling to their prospects or customers, HD recording function comes spot-on handy.

Ensure your compliance through recordings

Many banks and financial companies need to ensure that the video calls between their employees and clients are compliant with regulatory requirements. Noncompliance can cost banks enormous amounts of wasted money. We make sure that all the recordings are well secured according to ISO standards and readily available for conformity assessment.

Record your podcasts and share instantly

Podcasts are all about the audio but when doing remote interviews why not to record the interaction via video? This way you can also share recorded podcasts on YouTube or elsewhere. For example, our customer uses 24sessions to record his podcasts about procrastination, improving focus, or productivity.


“I really like how easy it is to record podcast interviews with 24sessions. My guests really care about their time and productivity. Therefore, it’s a huge advantage to organize podcasts from scheduling to final recording in one place.”

Martin Boeddeker,


So these were some use-cases of how to make the best use of your recordings. The HD recording feature comes by default for all Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plan users. Check out which plan will work best for you here. If you already use 24sessions and want to know more check out FAQ on recordings.

Connect 24sessions with Your Favorite Apps Using Zapier!

September 6, 2018 in Product

We’ve been big fans of Zapier for a while now. It enables you to connect, integrate and automate your favorite web apps without any programming skills!

Zapier integration

There are more than 1000 apps listed in Zapier—you’ll find everything from Google Calendar to Salesforce and from Intercom to Slack in their library.

24sessions & Zapier Integration

We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Zapier! Via the 24sessions Zapbook, you can connect 24sessions with hundreds of other apps and effortlessly set up automatic workflows between them, via so-called “Zaps“.

The possibilities are almost endless

Automatically create a new lead in Salesforce when someone books a video meeting? No problem. Want a Slack notification when a video session is about to start? Done. Share you guest’s review of the video session with Intercom? Easy peasy! Seriously, there are tons of extremely useful automations.

How to set up Zaps for 24sessions

First, you’ll need to create a Zapier account (there is a free plan).

Once you have an account, you can explore Zapier’s vast app library to find apps that connect with 24sessions.

Next, you should find your 24sessions API key in your 24sessions Account. You need that to establish a secure connection between 24sessions and Zapier.

You’re now good to go! Use one of these handy templates to get started:

Do it yourself

Alternatively, you can head on over to our Zapbook and start setting up your own Zaps from scratch! Also, you can read more about the integration on Zapier Blog. If you have any questions ask our SMB Manager Rick, he is excited to help you.

How to Prep like a Pro for your next Video Meeting

July 3, 2018 in Product, Stories

Good light example

How to Prep like a Pro for your next Video Meeting

Strong handshakes, eye contact, cookies and coffee are part of a face-to-face meeting etiquette and along with a well made presentation and polished outfit, will give you extra points when meeting a client.

But what happens when the meeting is a video meeting? Is it enough to just open your camera and start talking?

Well, not really. Video meetings may give you the luxury to save money and time by participating from pretty much anywhere, however, the online world has an etiquette of its own.

In this article, we gathered 5 tips to help you nail your video meetings ?

1.Keep the Light in Front of you

Bad light example

Source of light placed behind you

Good light example

Source of light placed in front of you

When it comes to video meetings, lighting can be a major deal maker or breaker. Proper lighting can make you look rested and more engaged whilst bad lighting may give the impression that you’re tired or less interested in the conversation.

Let’s start with the basics. Before setting your lighting, get your camera elevated on eye level. If needed, stack some sturdy items like boxes or hardcover books underneath.

Are you in a sunny place with many hours of sun? It may sound odd, but in video meetings, it's better to avoid depending on natural light since it may vary too much. #hateclouds

Do you prefer artificial lighting? No problem at all. If you’re using the room lamps, make sure you are NOT positioned directly underneath them. If you’re using a lighting kit, avoid going for the brightest setting as it may look fake or blind you. Either way, you want to be looking towards the light otherwise your guest will have the impression that you come from a dungeon. Not the best image for a video meeting with a client ?

2. Pick a Neutral Background

Bad background example

Noisy background distracts your guests

Good background example

Clean background helps to focus

Your background is your frame in the video meeting room. You want to make sure your surrounding is clean with plain colors and subtle decorations, if any at all. Go for small plants and/or some books but don’t overdo it. Random objects like personal photos, souvenirs, posters with quotes etc are irrelevant to a video meeting with a client and will only add to the clutter. Same goes for your desk. Remove soda cans, cables and papers from the surface and keep only what’s absolutely needed for your meeting.

3. Look Presentable but Beware of the Traps

Bad clothes example

Low or no contrast can make you almost invisible

Good clothes example

Dark clothes with light background or vice versa work best

The most important rule here is to avoid clothes that will confuse the eyes of your guests. Say NO to extremely light and bold colors as they may cause a distracting hue. Patterns, polka dots and stripes are fun sometimes but when it comes to video meetings they will divert the main focus onto the patterns themselves instead of on you - especially if you use high definition camera which picks up the slightest details. Instead of bold jewelry and accessories, opt for cool colors like pastel blue, black, white or muted earth tones. Last but not least, avoid wearing the same color like your background as you might seem like a floating head...

Tip: before you start the meeting, check your teeth, hair and face to make sure everything looks good. A small mirror or your computer screen can come very handy here ?

4. Sit up Straight and Check your Body Language

Bad webcam position example

Don't act like your grandma calling you ...

Good webcam position example

Relax and stay in the frame

Imagine you’re in a video meeting and your guest is leaning back to their chair with crossed arms….yikes! Giving the impression that you’re bored or disengaged is probably not the best case scenario, right?

Before your video meeting, find a comfortable chair that will help you stay still - or at least not move a lot. Exaggerated hand and head movements can be distracting so try to keep them to the minimum.

It’s essential to double-check the distance you keep from the camera and microphone. You don’t want to look like you’re ready to jump to the other side of the screen. Instead of looking yourself talking at your computer screen, always look into the camera (maybe add a piece of duct tape on that part of the screen so you don’t get into temptation?).That way you’ll look more engaged and focused in the conversation!

5. Test your Media Beforehand

Media settings example

Prior to your video meeting you want to check that media - camera, speakers, microphone - is working properly. The best way to do that is to perform a small test via the 24sessions testroom. Now is the time to see how you show on camera and what the sound is like. In case you have prepared documents to share with your guests you can also test screensharing.

Tip: open your notepad to take notes during your meeting. That will come very handy for your follow up message and your personal agenda!

Lastly, no need to mention that you always want to prepare for your customers. Add questions to your booking form that will provide you with relevant information and customize the email notifications your guests receive. Make sure you prepare relevant material like presentation decks or case studies that will come handy during the meeting. In other words, do your homework ?.

It’s time for your meeting! Make yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath and wear your best smile!

Good luck ?

Got feedback? Fill in our feedback form.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Want to discuss sth? Hit us on Intercom!

Author: Rita Theologi

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