Video Banking, the next step in banking convenience

December 13, 2018 in Stories

The way we bank has changed over the last years. Remember when you still had to go to the bank office to withdraw money from your account. And transferring money could only be done with the help of a bank employee…

Luckily, you can now bank with just a couple of clicks – and still speak to your trusted financial advisor.

Hello convenience economy, and hello video banking!   

Video Calling your Financial Advisor

Video banking is an emerging channel where banks and other financial institutions can engage their customers in personal conversations through video calling.

Unlike face-to-face contact, video banking is flexible, on demand and easy-to-use for both the customer and advisor. It’s the next step in banking convenience.

7 ways to get started with Video Banking

Banks like RabobankAegon and Argenta are already perceiving great value from video banking. This visual connection can be used to service existing customers, leads and prospects with personal advice.

Here are 7 examples how our clients integrate video calling into their processes and services:

Retail banking: Connect more frequently and conveniently with customers to help manage their financial situation. For example, offer video calls to review customer’s savings and give practical tips on how to better manage their savings. 

Private banking: Build stronger customer relationships by making touch points more proactive, relevant and frequent. This enables advisors to inform their customers on the impact of current affairs in real time, such as Brexit.

Business banking: Enable advisors to become a trusted partner. For example, offer video calls to discuss business dynamics and advise on financing options & loans. Many business customers travel extensively and love that they are one click away from meeting their advisor.

Customer service: Offer a seamless experience from text chat to video calls when customers require a more in-depth conversation with a financial advisor.   

Mortgages & Loans: Provide prospects and customers fast and personal advice on mortgages and loans. Through video calls, customers can go faster through the decision process. This empowers them to buy the house of their dreams. 

Insurances: Personally advise customers on the right insurance products. For example, offer video calls during life-changing moments that are likely to impact one’s insurance needs.  

Investments: Offer personal advice how to manage customer’s investment portfolio. For example, offer video calls to coach customers how to get started with investments. 

Hungry for more? Contact our video banking experts and find out how you can leverage the power of video.

3 Tips to have more effective video meetings with Leads, Prospects and Customers

August 3, 2018 in Stories

Have you ever calculated the time you spent arranging and managing your online meetings with customers? Most likely you’re wasting up to 5 hours per week on this!

From the moment you qualify until you finally see them waving from the other side of the video it takes a lot of work. Like A LOT. Calls, emails, calendar checks, confirmation emails and the list goes on…. Worst case, sometimes you end up with no-shows because customer forgot about your meeting 😭

People waste 4 to 5 hours per week setting up online meetings”

Why not empower your visitors to book an automated appointment directly in your agenda? That’s a great way to increase your conversion rates while reducing friction!

Below we’ve gathered 3 tips on how to have more and better sales calls 🔥


1. Empower your Leads and Customers to book you

If you’re like most businesses, you’re likely spending a lot of time and resources on getting the right leads to your website. Now, when they land, you want them to soak up the content and click on a CTA that will get them closer to conversion. The clearer and more specific your CTA the most likely it is for your visitors to take action.

Embedded booking forms will prompt your visitors to schedule discovery calls and/or demos while they’re still on your website.

“Having customers book you for a meeting automatically, saves you 50% of the overall time you would need to prepare for it”

The best part is that embedded forms are fully automated and help you skip the scheduling hassle!

Here is an awesome example of a business using booking forms the right way 😀:

☕Let’s grab some coffee!

embedded booking form

Aaron Krall is a guru when it comes to SaaS onboarding. His methods help businesses to convert even the highest hanging fruits out there. Aaron uses Webinars for large group classes and then leverages 24sessions to connect with his clients 1-on-1.

24sessions is amazingly simple to use, I love that I don’t need to combine multiple tools and my clients love that they don’t need to download anything to use it

Aaron created a really intuitive example to connect with his apprentices when they’re in need of help. The page, with the striking title ‘Grab Coffee’ is casual and gives the visitor all necessary information about the meeting. Thanks to the branded features in 24sessions the whole experience is fully branded. When a new meeting is booked, both parties receive personalized email notifications about what to expect during the video call.

2. Better Qualify your Meetings Upfront

When customers book you without prior communication, you risk getting to the meeting with a solution that may not be suitable for their use case.

Ideally, you want your customer to provide you with some information in an automated way and PRIOR to your meeting 😉 did some amazing research on “How to Sell Against the Competition”! For example, did you know that discussing your competitors at the beginning of the cycle correlates with a 24% higher likelihood of closing the deal?!

By adding questions to your booking form you save time, get an idea for your customer’s profile and ultimately SELL MORE. Let’s say you want to qualify your demo Session, you could ask questions like “Are you using any similar tools at the moment (if any)?” or “What is your biggest struggle with your current solution?”

Below you’ll find another really cool example from our client, Ruler Analytics (Ruler Analytics is Visitor Level Multi-touch Marketing Attribution for Forms, Call Tracking & Live Chat automatically integrated with your CRM & Analytics). Ruler leverages 24sessions to give the most amazing demos, while saving tons of time on scheduling/setting-up meetings. 

“The scheduling tool from 24sessions means clients book straight in on a suitable time, without all the back and forth of ‘when works for you…’ saving time and freeing me up to do more video conferences!”

After gathering some basic information like name, email, etc., customer is asked to give some information like company headcount, business sector and location. This way the inside sales-team can prepare perfectly for every lead that comes in. 

embedded booking form

For more inspiration, check out this great list of
21 qualifying questions 😃

💡Pro Tip: To make your qualification even more targeted, customize your qualifying questions per meeting type.

3. Help your Guests Prepare for Effective Video Meetings

Adding qualifying questions before a meeting is scheduled helps YOU get prepared. But what about your guest? How can you help them get prepared for your meeting as well? 🤔

For example, let’s say your clients are Marketing Agents who use your service to increase sales. Why not give them a gist about what to expect during the meeting or even get them a bit excited before your call? How cool would it be if you directed them to a specific blog post, white paper or even a quick questionnaire, just to bring them up to speed on certain topics?

Here’s an example of a customized notification that informs the client about the agenda of the scheduled meeting:

customized notification

By customizing the email notifications your customers receive help to prepare for the upcoming meeting!

Click here to learn more about how you can embed your booking form to your website.

How to Prep like a Pro for your next Video Meeting

July 3, 2018 in Product, Stories

Good light example

How to Prep like a Pro for your next Video Meeting

Strong handshakes, eye contact, cookies and coffee are part of a face-to-face meeting etiquette and along with a well made presentation and polished outfit, will give you extra points when meeting a client.

But what happens when the meeting is a video meeting? Is it enough to just open your camera and start talking?

Well, not really. Video meetings may give you the luxury to save money and time by participating from pretty much anywhere, however, the online world has an etiquette of its own.

In this article, we gathered 5 tips to help you nail your video meetings ?

1.Keep the Light in Front of you

Bad light example

Source of light placed behind you

Good light example

Source of light placed in front of you

When it comes to video meetings, lighting can be a major deal maker or breaker. Proper lighting can make you look rested and more engaged whilst bad lighting may give the impression that you’re tired or less interested in the conversation.

Let’s start with the basics. Before setting your lighting, get your camera elevated on eye level. If needed, stack some sturdy items like boxes or hardcover books underneath.

Are you in a sunny place with many hours of sun? It may sound odd, but in video meetings, it's better to avoid depending on natural light since it may vary too much. #hateclouds

Do you prefer artificial lighting? No problem at all. If you’re using the room lamps, make sure you are NOT positioned directly underneath them. If you’re using a lighting kit, avoid going for the brightest setting as it may look fake or blind you. Either way, you want to be looking towards the light otherwise your guest will have the impression that you come from a dungeon. Not the best image for a video meeting with a client ?

2. Pick a Neutral Background

Bad background example

Noisy background distracts your guests

Good background example

Clean background helps to focus

Your background is your frame in the video meeting room. You want to make sure your surrounding is clean with plain colors and subtle decorations, if any at all. Go for small plants and/or some books but don’t overdo it. Random objects like personal photos, souvenirs, posters with quotes etc are irrelevant to a video meeting with a client and will only add to the clutter. Same goes for your desk. Remove soda cans, cables and papers from the surface and keep only what’s absolutely needed for your meeting.

3. Look Presentable but Beware of the Traps

Bad clothes example

Low or no contrast can make you almost invisible

Good clothes example

Dark clothes with light background or vice versa work best

The most important rule here is to avoid clothes that will confuse the eyes of your guests. Say NO to extremely light and bold colors as they may cause a distracting hue. Patterns, polka dots and stripes are fun sometimes but when it comes to video meetings they will divert the main focus onto the patterns themselves instead of on you - especially if you use high definition camera which picks up the slightest details. Instead of bold jewelry and accessories, opt for cool colors like pastel blue, black, white or muted earth tones. Last but not least, avoid wearing the same color like your background as you might seem like a floating head...

Tip: before you start the meeting, check your teeth, hair and face to make sure everything looks good. A small mirror or your computer screen can come very handy here ?

4. Sit up Straight and Check your Body Language

Bad webcam position example

Don't act like your grandma calling you ...

Good webcam position example

Relax and stay in the frame

Imagine you’re in a video meeting and your guest is leaning back to their chair with crossed arms….yikes! Giving the impression that you’re bored or disengaged is probably not the best case scenario, right?

Before your video meeting, find a comfortable chair that will help you stay still - or at least not move a lot. Exaggerated hand and head movements can be distracting so try to keep them to the minimum.

It’s essential to double-check the distance you keep from the camera and microphone. You don’t want to look like you’re ready to jump to the other side of the screen. Instead of looking yourself talking at your computer screen, always look into the camera (maybe add a piece of duct tape on that part of the screen so you don’t get into temptation?).That way you’ll look more engaged and focused in the conversation!

5. Test your Media Beforehand

Media settings example

Prior to your video meeting you want to check that media - camera, speakers, microphone - is working properly. The best way to do that is to perform a small test via the 24sessions testroom. Now is the time to see how you show on camera and what the sound is like. In case you have prepared documents to share with your guests you can also test screensharing.

Tip: open your notepad to take notes during your meeting. That will come very handy for your follow up message and your personal agenda!

Lastly, no need to mention that you always want to prepare for your customers. Add questions to your booking form that will provide you with relevant information and customize the email notifications your guests receive. Make sure you prepare relevant material like presentation decks or case studies that will come handy during the meeting. In other words, do your homework ?.

It’s time for your meeting! Make yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath and wear your best smile!

Good luck ?

Got feedback? Fill in our feedback form.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Want to discuss sth? Hit us on Intercom!

Author: Rita Theologi

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Nuon brings their customer service to the next level

June 7, 2018 in Stories

Nuon brings their customer service to the next level

Have you ever experienced a sudden blackout? Or an unstoppable water leakage, hoping that the customer service of your energy provider would send help immediately? Our partner, Nuon Energy, who is a key player in providing electricity, gas, and heat in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, decided to advance their customer service by implementing our video chat technology to solve these issues faster. In the video above you can see Hugh, our Customer Success Manager, in action when he helps the company onboard, train and implement this new way of working.

Inefficient communication channels can get expensive

According to Nuon, in 7-8% of the reported failures, mechanics are wasting time visiting the customer as the failure isn’t caused by their system but by the combination of a customer’s faulty system or miscommunication. During phone calls customers often can’t judge the situation correctly while agents are unable to visualize it for themselves. This leads to around 1,000 unnecessary visits a year at Nuon Heat only, all of which are adding up to sky-high expenses.

Live video advice saves costs

In case of a major leakage, Nuon sends a mechanic to troubleshoot immediately. But less urgent cases are first discussed via our live video chat. This helps the Nuon agents to recognise when a visit is necessary or when the issue can be solved simply by guiding the customer through the utility room only with a smartphone. The customer receives an instant email and a text message with a login code that establishes the video connection between the customer’s mobile device and Nuon. The customer is then able to share the situation via a live video chat and the agents can reach a better judgement of whether a costly mechanic is needed or not.

Success of Nuon’s customer service

Customers especially value the seamless experience of booking Nuon’s agents online and receiving SMS with an access code to the video chat room .. which is only a step away from getting help.

“Perfect, this will eliminate a lot of unnecessary actions”?

This led Nuon to choose 24sessions as a strategic partner to save time, lower expenses and increase customer satisfaction.If you want to hear more about this case and how it could work for you, contact our Customer Success Manager Hugh.

Nuon Energiescan

February 6, 2017 in Stories

Nuon presenteert de energiescan. Een mooie samenwerking tussen de energieleverancier en 24sessions. Met deze nieuwe service wil Nuon consumenten en ondernemers met een kantoor aan huis belonen door gratis energieadvies aan te bieden via een videogesprek. De enige voorwaarde is dat je langer dan 1 jaar klant bent bij Nuon.  
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