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Financial advice via video chat.

Financial advice requires a personal approach. You can now give human advice online via video.

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All you need for financial advice via video chat

With 24sessions, people can book your advisers directly, receive advice via live video chat and reward you with a review.

Automated scheduling

Schedule meetings without the back and forth emails and enable your customers to book you directly.

Video chat & screensharing

Highly reliable and easy-to-use video chat that works on web and mobile on any device. Including screen- and file-sharing.

Reviews & recordings

Get feedback after every meeting, record meetings for compliance or training purposes and see results in your analytics dashboard.

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24sessions solution for financial advice via video chat

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Learn how Aegon achieves better advice in half the time

Insurance company Aegon and 24sessions successfully work together to realize faster and better advice for their clients. Financial advice via video chat is here to stay.

Powerful features. Simple interface

24sessions is the complete solution for financial advice via video chat. Powerful under the hood, yet extremely simple & reliable for your customers.

Add your own brand. Use your own logo and colour.

Booking forms. Customers can book and talk on your site.

Audio & video recordings stored secure & encrypted.

Manage your availability to avoid double bookings.

Integrate with existing systems through our REST JSON API.

Dashboard & analytics. Insights in volume, quality & efficiency.

Smart user management based on skills & availability.

Banking compliant security with encrypted storage & connection.

Outstanding support & help to makeyour case a success.

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Just as suitable for independent advisers

Learn how a traditional independent adviser like Bakker & Jansen is able to help existing and new customers more efficiently with video chat advice.

Results beyond cost saving

Giving online advice is not just a cost saver. It's a way to reach new target groups, increase conversion and make your customers happy.

Trust the best cases in video chat advice. Our technology, expertise & services will help you to achieve the same results. Guaranteed.

Mindblowing customer experience

No one wants to get stuck in traffic to visit their broker. Your customers love our hassle-free video chat meetings. In fact, they rate it with a 9.1 :-)

Higher sales and conversion

Finally a way to reach millennials and customers beyond your region. You know that first to serve wins, and with our confirmed bookings you're always first.

Save time & money

No travel time, no manual planning, shorter meetings, higher first-time-fix &less admin work help you save up to 2 hours of work per 1 hour of advice.

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