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Integrate your CRM system with video calling and automate your sales flow. From Salesforce to HubSpot or Pipedrive; we've got you covered. 24sessions can be integrated with the most used systems through Zapier.

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Integrate 24sessions with all major customer relationship management systems. Potential customers can schedule meetings and demos. With an integration, contacts are automatically added to your CRM system. Automate the sales process so your pipeline is always up to date.

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Did you know that 66% of all communication between people is non-verbal? A great way to combine this non-verbal communication with the speed of digital is through video calling. The benefits of video calls are having clearer communication and seeing each other's facial expressions. Which leads to fewer communication errors. Online messaging or audio calls are experienced differently from conversations where people are able to see each other. Integrate video calling in your CRM system to provide that extra personal touch.

What is 24sessions?

24sessions provides video calling and video meeting software for professionals. Our solution includes automated scheduling, screen sharing, reviewing and recordings to deliver personal customer interaction online. 24sessions is used by enterprises such as ING, Aegon and S&P.

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