We’re excited to announce yet another company started using 24sessions: Zwitserleven! They’ll be using 24sessions for advice regarding pensions.

Zwitserleven starts giving advice via video chat!

Zwitserleven is a dutch insurance company founded more than 100 years ago. Their main focus is on pensions for now and later. Zwitserleven wil use 24sessions to provide their customers with online advice whenever they need it. We are very proud to have them on board and we can’t wait to see the company give advice with 24sessions.

What can we do for you?

A study showed that 90% of the consumers want human advice delivered online. Instead of searching for a suitable expert, pick a date, drive to the expert only to find out the expert isn’t what they were looking for, consumers can now just go online and meet via video chat. This way 24sessions improves conversion rates and customer satisfaction, while also saving experts’  time and travel expenses.

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